Filters for cargoes from a specific DLC

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Filters for cargoes from a specific DLC

#1 Post by Virgo91 » 18 Oct 2020 20:01

Hello everyone,i have a suggestion that will work for both maps and cargoes DLCs.It's about adding filters,when you want to pick a load...from all types of markets.That way,if someone wants to pull a lod,lets's say from Scandinavia DLC...or Heavy Haul DLC,the player can click on the filter and sort out cargoes from a specific DLC.A filter can also be added for base game cargoes.

That would be nice also for newer and upcoming maps and cargoes DLC,like Iberia for example.That update can also be applied to ATS.So,thank you SCS for looking at my suggestion and considering it :)

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