Custom cargos integrated in game

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Do you want custom cargos integrated in the game?

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Custom cargos integrated in game

#1 Post by loderain » 16 Jun 2021 18:29

Hello it would be fantastic to have a system integratted in the game to create your custom cargos, where you can select the source city, source company, destiny city, destiny company, cargo type, etc Something like virtual speditor but integrated in the game.

Virtual speditor is very good but is little tricky to players. I am using it from 4 years ago and has improved so good over the years. But in my opinion it is time to have a system integrated in the game. It can be a good feature for all "euro" and "american" players. What do you think?

Thanks for read me, thanks for do these games, and to everybody, enjoy this fantastic games . GAS! GAS!

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Re: Custom cargos integrated in game

#2 Post by Krystian05 » 16 Jun 2021 23:46

Good suggestion! +1 for that! Greetings!

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Re: Custom cargos integrated in game

#3 Post by Janusz666 » 18 Jun 2021 10:54

Good idea.

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