Wishlists Megathread

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#11 Post by Kennyannydenny » 03 Aug 2014 20:03

Cadde wrote:I just want to point out that large freight (long trailers etc) will have problems being hauled on ETS 2 roads as they are designed for regular trailers. (~40 footers)
SCS would have to re-design most roads and prefabs to allow larger freight or such cargo would get stuck in places.
Ah thats a pity. Well thanks for pointing that out! I would still appreciate/love the tanks as freight tho :)

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Add animation logo volvo fh old

#12 Post by focus1992 » 04 Aug 2014 12:19

Hello Please scs add animation dashboard Volvo fh 2009 truck

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few ideas

#13 Post by jpm1 » 04 Aug 2014 21:10

Hi i was thinking of few things . i would really love to be able to open and close garages doors , and also when you set the driver position very close from steering wheel you can't see the little bed behind anymore it's not cool . i would love to be able to see what is in cab rear part when i'm behind steering wheel

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Re: few ideas

#14 Post by Unco » 04 Aug 2014 21:13

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#15 Post by legitstickman » 05 Aug 2014 03:26

Kennyannydenny wrote: Or a train like this:
What is the truck in the back's purpose?
SoulHuntter wrote: And I have a crazy idea too, why don't SCS and Logitech ride a partnership? Logitech G27 have good part of your sells because of ETS2, no doubt. Would be awesome to both build together a G29, built perfectly for ETS and ATS, everyone would gain with this, Logitech needs a new controller (G27 is outdated), would be perfect for the players of one of the, if not the best simulators ever built and would have both ways publicity, rising sales of the Logitech controller and ETS/ATS. Everyone would gain, Logitech, SCS and the players, at least that's what I think, may be a good idea or not, you tell me :)
Second. Logitech should make a wheel geared (pardon the pun) specifically toward truck sims. This means turn signal/wiper stalks, 12 or 18 speed gearbox with thumb and forefinger buttons for ranges, and a large wheel itself. "ETS2 special edition wheel"
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#16 Post by Deemer » 05 Aug 2014 08:14

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#17 Post by jarvik79 » 05 Aug 2014 08:21

The extra truck is there for exactly the reason you might think - extra tractive effort on the road when hauling a super-heavy load; that loco looks like a Vossloh Eurolight or similar, so it weighs something in the region of 80-90 tonnes.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#18 Post by Mogan23 » 05 Aug 2014 09:56

Good job cadde on consolidating all the wish lists.

One thing I would like to see is SCS made side skirts for 6x2 and 6x4 chassis. There are mods, but sometimes they don't work with certain paint jobs.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#19 Post by erkinalp » 05 Aug 2014 13:29

Ability to set real time equals game time. That way all the simulation will flow in 1:1 scale both in time and space respects.
Difficulty:Easy to implement(we already have time multipliers in the map), hard to fill the necessary content to make the game enjoyable in 1:1 scale.[*]

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#20 Post by gekkoguy82 » 05 Aug 2014 13:29

I just had a couple things that I always think about, and I'm not sure how feasible or wanted they'd be. The first is that, while I know that European rigs run a lot cleaner than their American counterparts, I always wish there were some exhaust particle effects or something. Not like a huge black cloud (like the Russian behemoths in Spintires), but maybe just a hint of it when you accelerate, or have a heavy load. I'm just odd and find exhaust systems interesting. Another effect I thought would be neat, and I'm somewhat embarrassed to say was inspired by GTA V, is the sounds of tires rolling over gravel and things at slow speeds in parking lots and on dirt roads. It really struck me as a cool detail in GTA. It really adds a realistic touch to the game, and I think would sound pretty great when parking trailers. I know with a truck you may not notice it as much since they're a bit more noisy than a car in GTA, but still.

That's about it, I guess. Hopefully they're not too outlandish! ;)

Ok, here's one last outlandish one. Especially since they're probably like unicorns in Europe, but are more readily available here in the States (albeit not super prevalent). Rain caps on vertical exhaust stacks. I haven't gotten far enough in ETS to know if I can even get vertical pipes on my truck yet. I know rain caps show up in one of the newer Farming Simulator expansions and are modeled there, but I don't know if that'd be possible here. Anyway, I guess that's all. Sorry for the odd wishes :roll:

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