Wishlists Megathread

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#31 Post by jpm1 » 06 Aug 2014 16:58

there's one thing i would really like to see , it's wild boars in France and Germany fields at night

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#32 Post by Cadde » 07 Aug 2014 13:13

Updated collection in first post to further specify what the community wants.
  • Gameplay
    • Mod support for the number of drivers, increasing the current "hardcoded" limit to how many drivers you can have
  • 3rd Party and modding
    • locale.scs related mods, providing your own translations
As a result of this thread: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=65


Late addition to the list:
  • User interface
    • Save vehicle customization preset for later use, adding same preset to several vehicles and returning to a previously composed customization for whatever reason.
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#33 Post by gippermand » 07 Aug 2014 17:38

When im going to you Profil in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 - We writing our name and Compagnyname, then we select wish truck we like and Compagny sign, BUT cant we have more Space when we writing Compagny name, so the name its NOT only are on 20 letters but make it to 40 or 50.

If you create a Compagny name, lets say (( Poul Andersen int. Tr )) and i like to write this (( Poul Andersen Int. Transport & Spedition ))
What i can see there is allready a line to more than 60 letters

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#34 Post by legitstickman » 08 Aug 2014 12:29

To whom it may concern:

I got the idea of a truck/bus sim wheel to Logitech's wheel manager via the mouse manager's Reddit AMA. This is how that went.

I don't know if this is NDA-breaking, but will you or Logitech design a wheel geared (pardon the pun) towards heavy commercial vehicle simulators? This means a rather large wheel that can be turned almost flat for buses, or normal for trucks or cars, a 12 or 18 speed gearbox with range splitters on the stick, and turn signals/wipers/headlight stalks. I thank you, and r/trucksim thanks you.
It seems unlikely as we do not have any other heavy-duty commercial products, but I will suggest it to the wheel product line manager.
FWIW he loves Euro Truck Simulator and that mud game I can't remember.
At least they are aware now.
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#35 Post by gippermand » 08 Aug 2014 18:15

Hello to them there make update for ETS2....

I will asking if those people will try to make the road whereever it is to be more real, and what do i mean then.......

When i drive in Denmark, then....

The time it take from Rødby to Copenhagen its fake.
Why not make the time real, and place real......
From Rødby you going first to Maribo, where you can go West to Nakskov or go North so you came to Sakskøbing, where you can take a road to Nykøbing F, where from there is a road to Gedser
From Sakskøbing you can follow the E45 up North, where you first past the Tunnel and going to Nr. Alslev, and a Little bit before can take the way to Nykøbing F to.
After Nr. Alslev you past the highbridge Farøbridge and then over a low bridge and going forward up North.
After the low bridge, there is a way out to Vordingborg and some time after a way out to Næstved.
If you still go North you came to Køge there connect with E20 from Jylland and Fyn......

I like to say IF you want to go to E20 to Odense from E45 Rødby, then there is a small way just before Køge there just going to E20 so you on that way can be connect to and from E45

One more thing i like to say......
WHY WHY WHY make a highway in two lane where you after a corner split up, so ONE goes off and only one right out......
First YOU will never find it anyway in Europe, then IF you drive and there heavy rain and trafik, and you are in first lane inside, have a speed on 85, then the coming some car outside you, HOW will you stop before Crash..........
Why not make road and time real, im sure that many will like that to

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#36 Post by GaborBartal » 09 Aug 2014 19:00

gippermand wrote: Why not make the time real, and place real......
Wow I am not sure if you're a troll or not...
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#37 Post by gippermand » 09 Aug 2014 19:46

Hey GaborBartel

Maybe i´m a Troll

I´m born in Norway, and someone said there are Troll there, God know if that is my famely ...... LOL

No i just mean.....! If there are lets say 100 km betwin one point to another point in real, WHY then here in game cute it to half, and WHY make two point very close together IF there in real maybe are 10 or more km betwin....

And then make a road in a nice game with something you in real will find, but you maybe like it, that okay ..... So i hope its okay to that i write about it here and say what real and whats fake.....

I dont sure that the game will be more poor if it be change, and then you will have real feeling off how our road are make around in Europe

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#38 Post by Unco » 09 Aug 2014 22:18

You need to start using the search function a little bit more.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#39 Post by gippermand » 10 Aug 2014 05:06

Yeah maybe i do..........

One little line, i see it ....... okay

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#40 Post by 46Gapa » 11 Aug 2014 22:47

How about the garages coinciding with the truck you unlock in each city(ie. Man in Muncheon, Mercedes in Stuttgart, Iveco in Frankfort) All cities that have truck dealerships would have their own garage.

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