Wishlists Megathread

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3581 Post by Winchester1979 » 11 Mar 2020 23:34

@Hauba I think that's basically what Quick Jobs are for - test driving trucks to see if the interior works for you.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3582 Post by swetrucker » 12 Mar 2020 03:10

Why not make two different kinds of companies for each country? National and international. International is already there, so only the national ones left, which should be completely unique to country.

More importantly - I think it would be cool to improve the gameplay as an employed in the beginning. Like, why not make something where you start in the beginning as an employed by a single company where you work only, and have to improve yourself up to get more attractive for other companies. Maybe even introduce missions? The more you progress yourself the better the chance to get interests from international companies.I would suggest remaking the current progress-/"skills system", and instead just make something new that is mixed with statistics of your driving and dependability as basic. How many percent of your total deliveries, or/and 5, 10, 20, 30 latest deliveries has been damaged, laws broken, too late and so on..? I would like to have a arithmetic average as baseline for the next goals and levels, which will decrease or increase depending on how you perform. Some levels need a certain average value, and you need to reach it by, or maybe by just/also work for a certain time, to get to next level. There need to be more reasons to not ignore red lights and speed limits etc. I think these stuff could solve that. Also, I think there should be added more laws. For example, tickets for not stop before a stop sign (IF a police spots you).

Something I also miss is multiple delivery destinations during the same route.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3583 Post by Tony73720 » 13 Mar 2020 09:11

Hello, it is time that the 2009 Scania is reworked, exterior too high at the front of the truck, and the interior, reworked the dashboard.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3584 Post by Andy45 » 17 Mar 2020 23:32

what i think would make ETS2 a much better game.
*official rigid chassis for all trucks with drawbar trailers
*Used Truck market (ability to buy used trucks)
*buyable tipper trailers/tankers/cattle trailers
*adding a TAG lift and steer axle option for the rear axle
*adblue (to have the choice to refill this separately from fuel system)
*Renault Magnum rework and premium models
*rear view camera system

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3585 Post by Doctor Who » 18 Mar 2020 12:00

I'm sure that someone has asked for this, but I can't find such posts. I'd like SCS to add electric engines and charging stations very much! Suprisingly, electric engine mods don't exist for the current version. OLSF electric drive for Scania hasn't been updated since 1.33 and it's not compatible with 1.36. :(

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3586 Post by PinKPanther » 20 Mar 2020 14:26

Would be nice if we could repaint tuning parts (and stock parts, e.g: bumpers, mirrors,...) individually, just like rims. It'll give more personalization options, without having to use mods.

Also, would be awesome if the cursor in the menu could jump from option to option, in place of acting as a mouse.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3587 Post by Viplanet » 22 Mar 2020 19:12

There has always been something that systematically bothers me in ETS / ATS, especially in ETS because there are more light accessories on trucks.

When we have the original headlights ON on truck we always have to turn the acessory lights ON in the F4, every time we go to the workshop to make assistance, changing something else on the truck, these acessory headlights are disabled again, we always have to go back to the F4 to turn them ON, or, if we forget and if we want to connect them we have to stop the truck again to do so, this applies a lot in the multiplayer aspect.

It would be possible to place an option to always keep the acessory headlights connected from the grille and roof with the light horn, high beam or whenever we want to keep the headlights at maximum, instead of doing this every time we want them ON, as long as do manually in options?

It will be a simple and logical solution to do, and for the practicality of all the necessary work. That quite frankly, I admire how it has such a simple solution and has not yet been applied.

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3588 Post by TehMagilla » 23 Mar 2020 09:39

Rocket455Man wrote:
29 Jan 2020 17:17


There are already:

- Light controls
- Cruise control
Do you have any information for how this is done? I have been unable to find any.


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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3589 Post by Janusz666 » 23 Mar 2020 09:50

Now need more trucks:
KrAZ H12.2
KrAZ T17.0EX

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#3590 Post by Rocket455Man » 23 Mar 2020 17:59

TehMagilla wrote:
23 Mar 2020 09:39
Rocket455Man wrote:
29 Jan 2020 17:17


There are already:

- Light controls
- Cruise control
Do you have any information for how this is done? I have been unable to find any.


In the options menu have them.

Options => Keys & Buttons => Light Modes / High Beam Headlights

Options => Keys % Buttons => Cruise Control / Cruise Control Speed Increase / Cruise Control Speed Decrease / Cruise Control Resume
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