Wishlists Megathread

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#41 Post by jpm1 » 13 Aug 2014 12:25

- possibility to move and sit or lay down on the bed behind
- garages doors that open when you are close to them and close faster too , so we can be inside garage with doors closed . there's a mod that do this already , but i would like to have this as an in game feature
- real time weather updated by a server like in MSFS 2004
- AI that stops honking their horn at you when you have warning on
- different till sounds for when you get busted and when you pay for a service
- AI that don't stop in middle of an highway to let you go
- possibility to rest anywhere inside the garage
- different trucks at resellers
- being able to put your tractor on a train to send it back to its garage
- being able to put on again some parts inside the garage without having to pay for them again . like oversized cargo lights for example

well that's all for now
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Adjustable Steering Column

#42 Post by bstudios100 » 13 Aug 2014 20:08

Ever since the new update came out with the adjustable seating position it has bugged me as yes I do like the fact that you can change the position but when you do you are not able to see the dashboard dials and so I believe it would be good if you could also have the option of changing the steering column position so you would be able to see all the necessary dials

I hope you will take this into consideration
Thank you for taking the time to read this
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Re: Adjustable Steering Column

#43 Post by DingoWoof » 14 Aug 2014 00:36

I was just about to post this myself.

I like to be quite far back and fairly low down, same as real life (though oddly not in my car), but if I do that, it means i can't see all of the dashboard because the steering wheel is in the way.
Having steering wheel adjustment would be great, and would compliment the seat adjustment nicely, in my opinion.
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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#44 Post by NoFearWizz » 14 Aug 2014 07:50

I would love to see some form of real route planning. So you can plot your routes with estimated time on the route,
so you can really plan your tank and sleep stops. Like in real life trucking.

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#45 Post by MADPOWER » 14 Aug 2014 07:58

hello all!
At first let me tell that im pretty satisfied about the relation price/quality/content to offer!
But that doesen`t mean that we do not have points we want to improve.
first the incabine sound...as i`m starting to suspect this is a matter of SCS choice(not to have strong sound),
cause when i looke side ways, or even to roof top, the sound is louder. So being an option, it would be great to have option to choose level sound in cabine.
like you have open window:full;medium;short ...whatever!:)
another one...to have arrows like in mercedes and man display, where you have flashing arrows to indicate if overdrive is engaged or not. O if it will next time you press cluch or even low and high gear...very handy,that one!
and also change the gear sound to the changing high/low gear couse is not a smoothy discharge of hair like overdrive...is more like a big "CLANK" everytime the gear changes between them.Air dryer discharge...from time to time...this is something all trucks have to get ride of the whater created by compressed air
also since you coming up with haevy loads dlc...make us wheels for heavy loads as well...is the best chance you(SCS) guys have to release some heavy duty/haulin wheels...and some new parts.
ehaust pipes with maching sound...this way everybody is happy(original pipe/original sound...open pipe/matching sound).
and of course new map....Portugal and Spain...perhaps north africa(ferryboat)...
would it be cool to have Oceans sunset...along with a bunch of new cyties...not forgeting the biggest parque for trucks in europe...between the borders of spain and france in south..."La Jonquera"
with all there is for trucks and truckers...you can not miss this one in a truckers game...euro truckers game i might say! ;)
That could be a good oportunity to implement special items...you could gain some how,like addons for inside cabin, or special decalcs,dummys,flags,...but for exterior as well
there`s a bunch of cool stuff that can be done...so you feel that your truck as your mark...or this all could be the rewards for the achivments... kkk

also irun and moutains up north border....zaragoza;Madrid;burgos;Valladolid,Vilar formoso;porto;lisboa;Coimbra:faro;viseu guarda...algeciras etc
***MULTIPLAYER***official i mean...thats the greatest of them all
At least give us the chance to choose portuguese license plate :)

Best regards, Madpower
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Sun-Shields for next up1.12

#46 Post by Gabriel.s.s » 14 Aug 2014 12:39

Hi one sugention for the next up1.12 Sun-Shields of type appear in image for streamline model, sorry for bad english i am brazilian :D
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Speed limit

#47 Post by Nerdcuber » 14 Aug 2014 18:22

Hi all truckers! I just had a thought I want to share with you!
With the 1.11.1 update you got the speed limit in the left down corner of your GPS. You could choose car speed limit or trucks.
I think you should be able to use them both at the same time! I think that would be helpfull!

What you guys think? I'm curious! :)

Trucks 4 life! Scania in my heart!

Btw if anyone swedish see this, message me pls! Might wanna have someone to talk to if I might play online!

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#48 Post by MADPOWER » 15 Aug 2014 09:54

Being portuguese i need the ability to choose portuguese licence plate, and spain and portugal map by the way! lol
I also thought as nice to could sleep wherever you stop your truck(some animation closing curtains would be great)...but the companys some 24h but others only until 5 pm or so...is the other way around but goes the same , but more realistic.Sleep whenever but unload in proper time.
-Another one is that as you paint and choose parts from your truck...you would also creating a tweenbrother of your truck....this way when you dump it to a worker of yours to start working.
the game "released" it on trafic as AI vehicle...this way from time to time you cross ways with your own company trucks!
also ability to have a dysplay of side forces...and everytime you cross thoes limites cargo moves,drop something, brake whatever, with diferent levels of damage...some repaireable in a shop...like if you check the cargo and tight it again...or parcial unrepairable or total...or merchandise lost.Even perhaps costing no to be able to unload, due to the fact that customer wont accept that.
This would cut the racing drivers to a point where you feel you need to be cauciose on everycorner...not to tight it to much or the cargo will move...just like in real life!even braking had to be gentel
If you want to avoid accident and sudernlly stop eventually your cargo will sufer!
tuning parts-this is major:heavy duty wheels and exaust pipes with maching sound.
-ability to close/mid/open windows(for sound in cabine)
-Local stores in cities and service areas where you could trade your progress/your miles for special items...wheels, decalcs, special lights, interior addons, dummyes and pine tree for ambient smell :)))
even a girl to ride along with you...or a crazy stupid horn...i dont know whatever....
Also very *usefull* arrows on gears numbers display...like MAN or Mercedes have in real life...(cool feathure for manual gearbox)
and of course:

Cheers! ;)

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Re: Wishlists Megathread

#49 Post by HTR7 » 16 Aug 2014 11:17

It would be nice if you can get fueltankers from the depots in the cities to gas stations besides the highway and then empty them there and then return the trailer. would be a nice realistic touch too.

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My own trailer

#50 Post by Alin » 16 Aug 2014 12:56

add trailer and add it to the store to buy the trailer please add

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