Northern Italy suggestions as of Public Beta 1.30, 20/11/17

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Northern Italy suggestions as of Public Beta 1.30, 20/11/17

#1 Post by Elia » 20 Nov 2017 17:47

Here are some suggestions to make Northern Italy feel just like it according to what can be improved on 1.30 public beta release as of 20/11/2017 - please do not take this as an "I want more" kind of post. I just would like to give ideas to the developers (who are awesome) for this part of the world, as I have been in Italy and know how it looks and works, and I invite everyone else to do it for their country: these are just suggestions that can be implemented as the developers feel, if they want to, and when they want to. For each point I am attaching a picture (all included in the URL) on Google Drive (too many and too heavy to be placed on here) of how it looks in ETS2 and one on how it looks in real life at this link: ... WreefqOiPS. Many of the examples are taken from the Verona area. Hope I am doing my first post as it should be done. So to start off (in order of importance for me):

1. Some intersections - here in the example "Verona Sud" - have been designed carefully but do not reflect the actual shape of the intersection (obviously other details like the amount of toll booths are negligible due to the lack of in-game space);
2. The highway signs should include less details. For example, in real life, when going on the A22 south, it does not say "Suzzara", neither "Bologna", but just "Modena". Also, when going on the A22 north, it does not mark it as towards "Innsbruck" but towards "Brennero". Then also remember, in Verona there is an airport that should be marked (just like Linate) and should be actually animated in-game (just like Bergamo - Orio al Serio);
3. Once again, the signs contain too much information (in this picture, just Milano in real life). The sign's body structure is different, but more importantly the tarmac markings: the words go in order of how you drive, not in order of how you read, and the words are further apart;
4. In real life, there is an ultimate above-head sign of the highway exit on the actual exit lane (4-1 Real), and usually multiple types of indications once you reached the exit (4-2). Although there might not be time for all to be reproduced, maybe the word "sud" could be moved to the right place - on the side - rather than at the bottom, in the existing sign;
5. Other roads should be added. Even if you cannot physically drive on them, additional roads - especially close to highways - will provide an effect of further realism in the game;
6. The floor markings of the Telepass/ViaCard are way too light in ETS2, and the Telepass markings are missing the speed limit as is marked on the real-life tarmac;
7. After the toll booth towards the highway, the signs that are present are generally above-head and only clearly mark the direction for each highway that can be taken in the intersection (in the picture, the A4), or shortly after it (A22 and A31);
8. The signs by the toll booths are not present in most areas, probably because in the beta are still to be placed, so that's fine, but I have still attached an idea;
9. When you are about to get to the toll booth, signs should mainly present you the directions you can take after the toll booth (although in real life the signs are so big, of course there is no space in the game for them being too huge);
10. More details should be added to the roundabouts (probably is being done already, just not in the beta yet);
11. The sign that confirms you are entering highway territory is missing some details. The way it is planted into the ground varies from place to place, but I have also marked that difference in Verona just to show you.

There would be more to this (such as a general lack of background buildings around highway entrance/exit, some signs which still have to be corrected in the beta as they say "XXX m", the need to add more realistic luminous interactive signs, intricate intersections corrections into Milano, etcetera), but hey, I already feel very pushy in this post, I am not going into it further. Please note that due to workload here for my job in South Africa closing into the first days of December I might be unable to respond to anything that's asked me for a few days.
I hope the developers will see this and tell me/us what they think about this. Thank you to the community at large in advance.

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