POLL Extending flatbed and low loaders

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POLL Extending flatbed and low loaders

#1 Post by DubbelDraaiDeur » 30 Nov 2018 11:28

Here another suggestion.

I would love to see the flatbed and (semi-)low loader trailers being extendable to haul more variaty of loads around. The aim for this is to have more variaty of oversized loads, such as long tubes, concrete bridge supports, machinary, equipment,... BUT within the regulations so there is no need for a pilot van or police escorts.

I think this feature would fit nicely as in a future update, SCS will probably make the low loader and other heavy haul trailers also ownable. And with that i'm also hoping for some new cargoes. And eventually more oversized loads.

How does it work?
When we pick up a job, we can park the trailer (either a flatbed or low loader) for loading, then a message would appear saying you have to extend the trailer by x amount of meters to be able to haul the load. We then can apply the trailer brakes and with a push of a button we can unlock the trailer and drive forwards till the desired lenght needed for the cargo. Same goes for sliding the trailer back in after we unloaded the trailer.

Why should this be added?
IMO i think the game lacks low loader loads, and heavy cargo loads, as i'm not a fan of the 'box' trailers, i drive flatbed, low loaders and oversize all the time. So it would be nice to have this adition in the game as an update for the 'Heavy Cargo' DLC owners.

Last, i want to refer to one of my previous suggestions about the ability to steer the trailers on our own and manually lifting and dropping trailer heights:


Because if and when this get's released, steering the trailers manually would come in handy in some cases: tight bends, misjugding a corner, AI cars getting in the way,...

Closing, here is a shorter list of in this topic included wishes:
- Extending flatbed/(semi-)low loader trailers
- More variaty (oversized*) flatbed and (semi-)low loader loads (*no need for escorts)
- Ability to steer trailer manually
- Changing height of the trailer
- Regarding my previous post about trailer steering: Oversized loads with escort

Here are some pictures and a video:

Extending trailer

Low Loaders Extended

Semi-Low Loader Extended

Flatbed Extended

All pictures are from the official Noteboom website:

Kind regards
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Re: POLL Extending flatbed and low loaders

#3 Post by cleber_oro » 13 Dec 2018 16:29

Agree. But I think how you proposal won't work because is complex. Simple solution: when you park to load/unload game shows the message and automatically extend/retract the trailer.

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Re: POLL Extending flatbed and low loaders

#4 Post by DubbelDraaiDeur » 13 Dec 2018 18:44

I have no clue how hard it is to let the trailers slide in and out. I don't think this is impossible tho (could be wrong ofc, i have zero,zero knowlegde of developing). The sliding in and out part is actually the main feature in this suggestion. So if it is possible, i do hope they add this when the trailers become ownable. I would not mind a simplefied version like you suggested if it is not possible ofc.
Edit: SCS could make both versions and make it an option tickbox in the menu if you want to do it manually.

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