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NTM's B-Double Telescopic Skeletal Container Carrier

Posted: 03 May 2019 20:41
by Shiva
NTM's B-Double Telescopic Skeletal Container Carrier.
Carry 20', 30', 40' or 2 x 20' containers. Or even a Swap body of EN 7.82 type.

With this, you could have a your own multi purpose trailer and the option to attach a semi trailer to it.

You found 20ft container AND a semi trailer with the same route?
No Problems!
Or maybe you only found a 20ft container to carry?
No Problems!
Use the telescopic function and minimize your footprint on the road.
Or maybe you found a 40ft load? extend the trailer and you can fit your container.

You should not have problems finding freight jobs with this skeletal trailer.

Only video I found of it's functions. Video from 2009.

For now, I would guess that there would not be much need for this trailer.
Due to there not being multi pickup/drop ingame.
But in the future?
Well. I would be interested in this. Right now.

KRONE has eLTU70. Youtube. But those are not B-Doubles.
The 1 currently ingame, might be a BOX LINER SDC 27 ELTU5 PLUS?