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Suggestion for a "minor" companies DLC

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Some newbie driver
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Suggestion for a "minor" companies DLC

#1 Post by Some newbie driver » 30 Jul 2019 15:36

Hi all

Actually on the game we can act as a hired trucker for big companies that have their own fleet (fast jobs market), as independent trucker with owned truck that work for big companies that have their trailers (jobs market and WoT contracts) and also as independent trucker that owns truck and trailer but also working for big companies (freight market and external market). What about to haul cargo for small companies, those that doesn't have lots of yards everywhere neither they own trailers fleet?

ETS2 map is full of places that contain industries of several kind that are just scenic. What about if they become points where to gather or to deliver cargoes only when working with owned trailers? Most of the work is already done, on the game world in most cases the only needed would be move/remove some XXX barriers, to test the yards would be suitable to drive and maneuver inside and a bit of signaling to identify the company. Then, to configure available cargoes, create a logo and name for each one of them to put in map and in jobs list and not pretty much I think. No trailer skin work should be done but probably to modify a bit some prefabs not intended for that use when created.

Those kind of jobs could be like the ones to deliver to petrol stations or other similar: more scarce and hard to find on the job market. That would give us from time to time options to break a bit the routine (for those with lots of kilometers done), to put a bit of interest on some not very used roads, to make more worthy the effort modeling all those locations and also to give a real value and difference to the owned trailers market. Actually, unless you use some mods, the owned trailers only serve to gain more money per job (nothing relevant) and to spend some time buying and configuring them. But then, nothing but visual aspect. With that option, to own trailers (and the right ones should be owned) would give us access to newer content on the game.

I suggest it as a DLC because, as much as I love to see something like that added directly to the game, I understand that's enough work to deserve it to be payed. Of course, then it should mean that that DLC should cover this scenario either for the base map and all maps DLC. So it could be something like the Special Transport DLC, that has been receiving more content (routes) with time. That DLC could start with a big bunch of reworked places where to haul in and receive some new ones from time to time.

What do you think about it?

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Re: Suggestion for a "minor" companies DLC

#2 Post by Eliaz21 » 01 Aug 2019 06:25


this is certainly a nice idea, i hope it will come into play someday.
This update will certainly not come in 1.36 because of course it is a big job, and they must of course think of what is now planned.

Hopefully SCS Software will read your idea and they will start with it.

With best regards,

Some newbie driver
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Re: Suggestion for a "minor" companies DLC

#3 Post by Some newbie driver » 11 Aug 2019 13:46

I see a few people have voted my suggestion (thanks to all) but just one comment of a newcomer tot he forum (thanks too)

I don't think what I proposed would be so perfect or complete so there's nothing else to be said. Come on guys! I'm sure some of you have good ideas that could be mixed or improve mine.

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