POLL: Ballast on the fifth wheel when oversizing

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POLL: Ballast on the fifth wheel when oversizing

#1 Post by DubbelDraaiDeur » 24 Sep 2019 21:38

Hi guys

So here a new suggestion.
This might be a bit early, and it's not that interesting, but it could be a nice little addition to future low loader trailers, and could result in a few new cosmetic updates for some trucks (if licencing allows it at least) and new kind of trailers: Platform trailers.
The issue with heavy hauling in common is that alot of the updates can be aftermarket ones (think about the DAF 8x4 tractorchassis configuration), so we might never see such configurations in the game, same goes for what I'm about to suggest as I DO NOT KNOW if this is legit from the factory or aftermarket. I think Mercedes adds the boxes themselfs on the fifth wheel, but I'm not sure about the others, like MAN, Volvo, Scania.

So in game when you are driving a normal artic (tractor and trailer,) (no tandem), you have x amount of weight pushing down DIRECTLY on the fifth wheel, depending on how heavy you are loaded
Now IRL for heavy hauling, especially with interdolly or jeepdolly (semi-)low loaders and platform trailers, if they are loaded, they have alot of weight sitting on the front and back deck (weight on the axles), with x amount of weight also pushing on the fifth wheel, BUT
In some cases the weight on the fifth wheel is not enough to get traction on for example hily terrain, dirttracks, or even just to cruise down the highway.
What they do to counteract for the wheelslip they might get, is manually adding more ballast on the fifth wheel.
Either by a box DIRECTLY mounted on the fifth wheel, or in a box on the front of the trailer where it is pushing DIRECTLY down on the fifth wheel.

Example images:
Directly mounted to the fifth wheel

Adding weights in the front of the trailer

As you can see, these configurations are very extreme, and not something you see driving by everyday. But still it is a big part in the heavy haul industry

So my actual suggestion:
- Adding ballast calculations to the game
- IF licencing allows, Adding the cosmetics to the truck needed to make this work (the box, drawbar connections in the back (+front?), and many more little tweaks.
- Adding the box on the future low loaders (might also need licencing)
- Adding the platform trailer (with gooseneck and drawbar connection)

More examples:
Platform trailer with goosneck:

Platform trailer with drawbar:

Modular platform trailer with drawbar (the front is 1 trailer powered by the truck, the back is 1 trailer powered by a unit on top)
Note: This is currently not supported in the game, if at all possible due to the back unit powering the trailer so it can steer and drive independently from the truck and front trailer via remote..

EDIT: Added a poll

Kind regards

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