Ideas for additions to traffic spawning.

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Ideas for additions to traffic spawning.

#1 Post by DanniBee » 22 May 2020 00:16

Hey, just a few ideas I had that would change the gameplay up a bit and add more variance to the deliveries.

1) Traffic density based on day of the week. e.g Friday afternoons would be busiest whereas Sundays would be incredibly quiet, I know the game does time of day already but this would add some changes and a use for displaying different days of the week.

2) Traffic density based on road: this would probably be a little trickier but my idea was certain roads should be busier than others, for example certain motorway ring roads like the M25 around London or Paris Peripherique. Similarly, this could apply to the differences between toll and non-toll roads as well, with toll motorways being quieter as the price will reduce local drivers using the road.

3) Foreign vehicles spawning in other countries, for example, maybe a British license plate spawning in France or Polish cars seen in Germany. This again would just add an extra detail and could maybe simulate holidaymakers or foreign freight trucks using the roads in other countries. It bothers me at the moment seeing DLC France companies with Bulgarian license plates or spotting cyrillic companies under local plates.

Hope some of you like my ideas.

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Re: Ideas for additions to traffic spawning.

#2 Post by Theosz » 27 May 2020 15:30

vote for krizzy090's idea about ownable freightmarket skins viewtopic.php?f=185&t=276108
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