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Feature Request - Show Upcoming Delivery Details

Posted: 15 Sep 2020 20:13
by shorgan
Hello Team,

I have a small feature request that I think would be great to add and well-received by all players of ATS and ETS. It would be beneficial to see when one of your hired drivers is going to deliver their load and how much you will make from the delivery. My proposal would be to include details on the next three drivers' deliveries on the lower-right corner under the map. Three seems optimal to not cramp the space too much, four would be good if space allows. Showing the driver's name, load, delivery profit, and remaining time till delivery would be great to have right there for quick reference. The ticker that typically displays there, when there are delivery updates, could either push this info down (after resting when there are numerous updates) or shown below this block.

Please let me and the Devs know what you think by voting in the poll included. Thank you very much!