More realistic container handling.

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More realistic container handling.

#1 Post by MG Mike » 18 Oct 2020 11:02


I like to haul containers. Also as I like to haul heavy cargo cause there you can see what you haul.

But I have a suggestion for container transports.

First minor suggestion, make the containers more realistic looking. Not only brand new, they can also look used and rusty.. And some names and logos woukd also be nice. You could make them fictional and give the possibility to make as a mod that they can be reskinned to have real names if wanted.

So now my main suggestion or request..

Actually I take the container at the "container port" company, then haul it to regular shop. There it is taken away from my trailer and I am done with it.

Or I load it at companies like Stokes or Transinet or Trameri.. That are no companies where I get a container. It is very unrealistic to park the box liner backwards to a freight ramp and get a container.

Normally you should get the full packed container at a port like Hamburg or Bremerhaven or Wilhelmshaven (examples for germany) or at a cargo trainstation where containers are handled.
Then you haul it to the wholesalers or directly to for example hardware stores and there the people woukd upload the container itself. Not the whole box, the open it and unpack the goods in it.

After that the driver has to haul the empty container back to port or to a near trainstation or to a place where it would be packed full again and then the driver takes it back to port or trainstation for export..

So getting another containet is only possible at ports. And cargotrainstations.

That would be far more realistic as it is now.

MG Mike

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