New Paintjob Ideas

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New Paintjob Ideas

#1 Post by Devour » 08 Nov 2020 21:54

This has probably been brought up before as a topic but I am just trying to express my ideas.

What if SCS made a new paintjob pack, like maybe a Holland Style paintjob pack for Scania's, but this pack had some new paintjob features.

Each paint option would have the normal stuff, like changeable color options and metallic options, but it also includes the option of adding your own custom text on the truck in predetermined locations, like on the lightbox and on the side skirts. The functionality would be similar to the custom plates/signs for the windshield.

Maybe if things got really advanced, SCS could assign particular fonts for each paintjob, to better match the overall look of the paint.

I understand that making custom skins exists and it is not that hard, but it would be nice to have a little more customization in the vanilla game. Something for a beginner to easily understand and use without the hassle of using external processes...and I think it would make customization a lot more vast in vanilla only applications like the multiplayer mod.

The ability to let modders use this function would also be a huge deal in my opinion, maybe giving the modders the ability to directly insert a font file (.otf / .ttf) into the file structure and allowing that font to be used on the truck, and then somehow using something like a Latitude and Longitude system to let the modder map out the area that the text can be applied on the paintjob image file. It could open a lot of possibilities in the modding world.

Just my thoughts, I know it would be a hard thing to implement, but not impossible.

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Re: New Paintjob Ideas

#2 Post by plykkegaard » 08 Nov 2020 22:08

Upload an image to WoTr, the site can check the dimensions for use in a light box
Or something similar to the name plates you can add in front driver / co-driver
Line scattering all over the place?
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