Delivery Deadlines

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Delivery Deadlines

#1 Post by jeremyj621 » 12 Jan 2021 03:59

As the map gets larger with each new DLC, delivery deadlines for long hauls become impossible to accomplish due to existing algorithms. Longer hauls typically require the player to drive more than 9 game hours per day, even with standard deliveries, meaning that if the player has fatigue simulation on, he/she will have to put up with the annoying yawns of the avatar driver and the driver's complaints of getting tired and possibly dozing off behind the wheel. I think the existing algorithms need to be updated to allow the player to drive no more than 9 hours per game day when making long hauls, or give the player more driving hours per game day. Even an extra 2 hours per game day would suffice to allow the player to play with fatigue simulation on and give more time to reach a rest area after reaching the 9 hour limit per game day.

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Re: Delivery Deadlines

#2 Post by Deimenried » 14 Jan 2021 13:26

I've not noticed this, even going through multiple border checks coming out of Turkey through to central Europe. I read somewhere that it assumes an average speed of 62km/h when calculating for a normal job, not sure about urgent or priority deliveries. I always avoid jobs that are about to expire, though, because I got stung once on the time. Could it be that?

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