MAN Improvements

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MAN Improvements

#1 Post by S4TTO » 22 Feb 2021 11:06


One of the the main things I'd like to see is an improvement to the MAN trucks, I understand they're not the most popular trucks however I don't think that means they should be missing features that others have. The Euro 6 TGX has 2 versions irl, however the older of the two (and in my opinion the worse looking one) is the only one in game, missing the new grill pattern, rear lights (same as the newer DAF 106), newer steering wheel and ZF TraXon gearbox as well as a few updated engine configuations. If the DAF can have the legacy and newer parts then why can the MAN not? I know that the new 2020 TGX is now out however I don't think that means the previous version should be missed when it is only a few parts that are missing and parts such as the rear lights and scripts for the TraXon already exist in the DAF.
Hopefully the newer engines and TraXon trasmission are on their way in the 2020 TGX if that truck is not being missed as well.
Thanks :)

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