[READ FIRST] Feature Wishlists and Suggestions guidelines.

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[READ FIRST] Feature Wishlists and Suggestions guidelines.

#1 Post by MartinoPio » 10 Nov 2013 22:19

Feature and Wishlists - How to make a suggestion

Hello fellow forum members. As this is the Features and Wishlists sub forum we welcome you to share your ideas on what you want to see implemented in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Under the following conditions...
  1. Adhere to the Forum Rules at all times. In relevance to this subsection, be respectful to SCS Software and it's developers.
  2. It is extremely likely that your idea has been proposed in the past, make sure you search the forum for similar ideas and support those topics instead of making new topics. You should use this search tool rather than the built in forum search tool, google search is much more capable of finding relevant results.
  3. Create a poll for your idea (see picture below) so users can show support for your idea and SCS can gauge interest in the idea.
  4. Think your idea through fully before you submit it, for instance...
    • Does it realistically fit the simulation aspects of the game?
    • Can it be implemented under the current technology used by the game? (I.E, is it too demanding on the games engine or would it require a complete change in the code base of the game?)
    • Does your idea add enough to gameplay to be worth the time invested in implementing it? (For instance, adding a "walk around the truck and inspect the brakes, tires and clamps" doesn't really add to gameplay. It's just a cinematic event.)
    • Consider how your idea affects other aspects of the game. A "random tire blowout" simulation may affect the delivery times needed. Otherwise players will find that getting paid nothing because of a random tire blowout quite annoying and boring. Likewise, having more time for delivery means less pressure under normal circumstances.
    • How many players will/may enjoy your requested feature? For instance, if you were to ask for force feedback simulation in your custom FFB gear selector... How many players would be able to enjoy this as only a few may own the device in question.
    • Does your idea have any discussion value that warrants a separate thread? If it's a small and simple idea then it belongs in the Wishlists Megathread.
  5. In addition to thinking your idea through, make sure you provide details to your idea. Explain what, why and how your idea would work in game and how it could be implemented. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Failure to comply with the above guidelines may lead to your suggestion / topic being locked, merged or removed at the discretion of a member of the moderating staff.

If you want to make a list of smaller features you would like to see, for example...
  • More traffic
  • Smoother roads with less sharp bends
  • Heavier loads
  • Snowfall
  • Winds
  • Icy conditions
  • ...
... Then please consider converting such a list into separate posts. One for more traffic and smoother roads. Another for heavier loads and finally... One topic for the snowfall, winds and icy conditions.
While wishlists are fine, they don't really add much discussion value to the forum and they may go unnoticed by the developers. Besides, most wishlists that already exist here all suggest the same things adding to the clutter of this subforum.
Some of the features requested in wishlists are actually quite simple changes/additions to the game that could have been added a long time ago if only enough members of the community could show support for that one specific feature in a single, well defined and discussed thread.

From this point on (Summer 2014), all wishlists should be posted in the Wishlists Megathread instead.

How to add a poll to your post...

Example suggestion...
Wouldn't it be great if the GPS could show traffic density as you drive along, just like in real life.
This way you could decide if you want to go the shortest route or an alternatively longer route that avoids congestion, allowing you to make your delivery faster as you don't have to wait in traffic?


The way this could be implemented is, each stretch of road gets a random "density" value at set intervals during the day. Maybe the A4 between Reims and Metz sees 5 times the amount of traffic on weekdays between 6am and 9am as well as 4pm and 6pm? With slow moving traffic as a result... That is, fill the road with AI vehicles and make them drive bumper to bumper at 50-60 kph during these times.
Going from Paris to Luxembourg may therefore be faster if you take the side road north out of Reims and south down the A6 into Luxembourg instead.

I think this would add to the challenge of the game and additionally would make it more interesting, taking you down some of the lesser traveled paths that one normally doesn't visit doing the same ol' hauls through Europe.
And it shouldn't be too difficult to add to the game, simply add a modifier to the traffic density and speed using a table of data from real world sources. Or ask the community to fill out a spreadsheet with data for you, that's what we are here for. ;)

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