Wrong (german) localisation for cruise control grid option

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Wrong (german) localisation for cruise control grid option

#1 Post by thunderhawk » 05 Oct 2014 21:18


Localisation (german) for cruise control grid option is wrong.
It is "Autopilot Schrittgröße"
It should be "Tempomat Schrittgröße"

Cruise control/Speed control/Autocruise is called "Tempomat" in german.

Localisation is correct in key-assignments. There the cruise control was named Tempomat by day one.

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Re: Wrong (german) localisation for cruise control grid opti

#2 Post by Cadde » 06 Oct 2014 06:27

"Funny story" time.

My brother went to visit his father in Ohio. His father wanted him to drive his car.
My brother being Swedish did what most Swedes do from time to time when speaking English... He spoke "Swinglish", that is English coupled with a Swedish word.

So he wanted to ask his father where the "Speed Controller" (Cruise control) was located. This is what he asked:

"Where is the Fart Controller?"

"Fart" in Swedish is "Speed" in English.
Don't do speed kids... Don't do fart kids...

kk, i am done.
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