Wrong translation of the skills since Update 1.33

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Wrong translation of the skills since Update 1.33

#1 Post by gellartrucking » 14 Dec 2018 22:50

Hi there and and hi SCS Team,

I don't know if this the right subforum, if it doesn't please excuse me and move it to the right one.

Since the update 1.33 I have recognized that the skills you can reach in ATS are now translated, I suggest in every language. But for the german translation there is a problem with "my" skill. "18 Wheels of Skill".
It has been translated in german "18 erfahrene Räder". This is translated literally and it's wrong. I learned in school that you shouldn't translate every word for what it should mean for :D

For this skill there is no exact translation. Mabye "18 Räder des Könnens" can be one but I would prefer "18 Wheels of skill" so the english part as it was before the update.

Can this maybe be fixed with the next update? I would appreciate it :)

Thanks in advance also for those ones who answer.

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