[IT] Italian translations

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[IT] Italian translations

#1 Post by fagiani » 15 Jul 2020 13:08

Hello everybody,

I'm posting this new topic to receive some feedback about ETS2 italian translations. I think this could be a good meeting point between the players and the voluntary translators, which have access to the translation project. Instead of being too much people on Crowdin, stomping on each other, as I already said, Italian players could ask here for explanations and point out translation errors. It seems to me that randomly posted questions or opening new topics for every translation error doesn't work and discourage users to have their say.
I thank @Magri and @DuaneBarry, fellow translators, in advance for their work and for enduring me and my pickiness.
I hope this topic will come in handy, please be civil.
it's a game, we are here to enjoy it and make the best of it.


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