Translation of one French City

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Translation of one French City

#1 Post by Spine883 » 21 Oct 2020 14:39


I apologize but I was in doubt in which section to report this problem. I've noticed that a French city, namely Lille, has a translation problem.
On the road signs in the game it says "Lille" as it should be, but in the game map in the Italian version it says "Lilla". It should be changed.

I've attached every info about that.

PS: Pressing shift+F11 nothing happen but i can fly with "0" camera ( i've activated both g_developer "1" and g_console "1" ), but the problem is only on "virtual" map, when u press "M" and on navigator.


Road Sign "Lille"
Road Sign "Lille"
Map "Lille"
Map "Lille"
No crash occured since mid 2019
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Game log
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Re: Translation of one French City

#2 Post by fagiani » 16 Dec 2020 17:39

Hi Stefano.

In the italian version of the game the most important cities names are localized. This means that the names are translated in the language you have set: so in italian Paris becomes Parigi, Salzburg becomes Salisburgo, Lille becomes Lilla and so on.
The road sign is located in France, so the name is written in french.
If you want to keep the original naming, you can turn off localization going in "Opzioni" -> "Gameplay" -> "Impostazioni regionali" and remove the check on "Nomi di città e paesi localizzati".
Thanks for the reporting!


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