Missing and weird Norwegian translations for cities, UI including menu and more [Updated status]

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Missing and weird Norwegian translations for cities, UI including menu and more [Updated status]

#1 Post by mads1153 » 19 Jan 2020 13:35

Hello. This under forced me to do a SCS Software topic to make sure it's not forgotten. It's a lot of work, but anyway needed because Norwegian looks like it has been left behind for some time:

I am tired to see these English/default names that is not correct and these is missing translations for cities names for Norwegian. English is first word that is wrong and Norwegian is second word that is correct. I will suggest to do this first:

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Rome (Roma), Florence (Firenze), Naples (Napoli), Venice (Venezia), Milan (Milano), Turin (Torino), Cologne (Köln), Munich (München), Nuremburg (Nürnberg), Hanover (Hannover), Prague (Praha), Warsaw (Warsawa), Bialystok (Białystok), Gothenburg (Gøteborg), Copenhagen (København), Brussels (Brussel), Vienna (Wien), Geneva (Genéve), Genoa (Genova), Aalborg (Ålborg).
Finnish cities like Turku (Åbo) and Helsinki (Helsingfors) should use Swedish variant as primary city name with Finnish variant as secondary city name.
There is many other missing translations in Norwegian:

Code: Select all

Menu UI: Trailer Manager, Truck Upgrades  + some texts in this function, Trailer Upgrades + one text in this function, Trailer Purchase + texts in this function (including some of trailer names), Trailer Browser, Trailer Listing, Garage Purchase, Vehicle Adjustments + last two text in description, info pops up when you hover on truck in menu like Rank, Level, Driven distance for profile and truck, Rating. Trailer: Distance on job, Cargo transported, Weight transported, Add new avoid location, New Special Transport Jobs e-mail, Broken From on "Drivers with owned materials seeking" e-mail (MS Stein, Stavanger), Image Spotlight, Cyan and Magenta in Photo Mode controls, Top text in Picture Planner, Online + description and text inside this function, Voice navigation volume, Voice navigation settings, top text of Audio settings like Volume and Other Audio Settings, Desktop fadeout delay, Desktop Background Theme, Preferred Job Length, Route Advisor Speed Warning, Automatic parking dialouge, Heavy Cargo warning screen, Navigation Mode, Random road events, Detours, Timezones, Truck stability, Suspension Stiffness, Cabin suspension stiffness, Advanced trailer coupling, Trailer cables, Automatic parking brake engage, Smart Cruise Control, Automatic blinker turn off, Cabin accessories physics, Localized city and country names, Show secondary city names in map, Comsumption Units, Keys and Controls in Settings needs to be looked on, ADR class 8 text under in Experience, Copy Config, License plate and Current Trailer when you hover on truck in Car overview, Trailer description and some texts for Trailer in Diagnostics, All texts on left side + some texts when clicked on trailer in Trailer overview, some texts in Drivers overview, some texts in Garage overview and Blog SCS Software.
Also New Profile part is missing many translations. 

Job Market: Cargo Market, External market and all description except Quick Job.

Job names: Concrete Beams, Wheel Loader, Olives, Train Undercarrige, Chocolate, Square Tubing, Loaders, Backhoe Loader, Coconut Oil, Tractor - RS-666, Cottage Cheese, Sulphuric Acid, Used Packaging, Train Axels, Excavated Soil, Protective Clothing, Scooters, Scaffolding, Potted Flowers, Aircraft Tyres, Metal Coil, Sealed Bearings, Motorcycles Tyres, Concrete Stairs, Marble Blocks, Industrial Cable Reel, Dozer Crawl - Z35K, Natural Rubber, Roller -DYNA CC-2000, Concrete Centering, Olive Oil, Harvesting Bins, Asphalt Miller - Writigen 808, Frozen Octopi, Motorcycles, (Ketchup/Ketsjup, first word behind slash is English and wrong, you decide), Post Packages, Metal Beams, Corks, Soy Milk, Air Mails, Gnocchi, Bottled Water, Metal Centering, Lemonade, Fresh Herbs, Trucks - Scania, Exhaust Systems, Rock Wool, Performance Forks, Basil, Chewing Gums, Gummy Bears, Square Tubing, Nylon Cord, Prosciutto, Natural Rubber, Canned Ice Coffee, Brake Pads and Mozzarela.
Saving... when you see on top left at driving and there is some UI pop up messages when driving, I don't remember which of these.

Missing Map alignment text in Game settings and options is in English.

Weird translation/it needs some corrections with from big letters to smaller letters especially at second and last words:

Code: Select all

Frø I Storsekker, Store Rør, Distanse Ferje, Pris Ferje, Stor Teknologidel, Del til Varmtvannstank, Braco Varebiler, Brukte Bilbatterier, Avskårne Blomster, Prefabrikerte Trapper, TILBUD KJAPP JOBB, REPARASJONAR, Varme Kjemikalier (UN3257), Industriell Kondensator, Store Dekk, Høyteknologisk Enhet, Alkoholfri Øl, Pakket Glass, Hermetiske Bønner, Røkt Ål, Understell Dumper, Stor Tank, Trær I Kasse, Online profil skjermbilde plasser., Refleksjon AI Lys, GPS Fartsgrense, Vanskegrad Parkering, Endre hastighet fatsholder, Oversikt Lokaler, Oppgrader + Omplasser + Tilhenger has last letter in next line in Car overview + trailer + garage overview, Daglig Fortjeneste, Ansett Sjåfør, Eksterne Oppdrag 
It needs also checking for customizations of trucks and trailers (most not translated), low priority because this takes a lot more time and it needs also some corrections with from big letters to smaller letters especially at second and last words.

Things I didn't check is mostly delivery part except Cargo Loading and Unloading part that is in English and needs to be translated, fuel fill, ferry entering part (I think this is OK), Service part except first text at top in first menu that is mentioned in weird translation/it needs some corrections part.

Update 1: I joined the translator team and worked with Norwegian translation that is almost finished. It needs only some fine adjustments. Anyway official ETS2 1.37 update is out from today 05.05.2020 with better Norwegian translation that was done over halfway progress, not with progress from some days ago before release. For example Tammerfors wasn't added despite for I have fixed this some later when I discovered this, so it still says Tampere and some words that should have hyphen and space, and also some English left that I have fixed some later.
Anyway mostly of this known over is fixed. Updated localization will be added soon as possible when SCS Software updates localization again.

Update 2: It's better Norwegian again in, but still under work with some adjustments needs. Anyway it's getting much closer to final before I can ask to close this topic as fixed.

Update 3: I think this topic can now be closed because almost all is fixed now.
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