all signs in game are missing

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all signs in game are missing

#1 Post by greenriver » 13 Apr 2021 01:38

yesterday found all the signs in game, such as gas station, toll, mission point and other signs can't be seen in game, also when chosen a mission the white sign to the mission trailer can't be seen either.
I've removed all mods and reinstall game, but still missing.
start with a new profile and signs are coming back.
anyone knows how i can recover them?

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Re: all signs in game are missing

#2 Post by MirM » 13 Apr 2021 05:55


Run dev console and type:

Code: Select all

g_show_game_elements 1

It is very interesting which mod changes this, because it is not the first time recently. :?:


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Re: all signs in game are missing

#3 Post by Madkine » 13 Apr 2021 08:33

In some instances it has occured on allegedly vanilla profiles as well.

** Can also be fixed by editing the config file if you don't use the dev console.

**Now I'm wondering if it's only happened to people with the dev console enabled.

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