Changing licence plate (not for WOT)

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Changing licence plate (not for WOT)

#1 Post by mercscud » 04 Aug 2020 21:13

I found my original ETS2 save game when the default licence plates for UK trucks were “62”.

I am now playing that old game as I have 48 depots and 240 trucks. I want it to be accurate. Every 26 weeks the UK licence plate changes. I had some Euro 6 trucks that wouldn’t have been around in 2012 and want to change them out for Euro 5 trucks with the appropriate aged licence plate.

When you buy a truck it seems to generate something random, and old mods no longer work.

It looks like I should be able to use a Sii decrypter and open the save game and edit it that way, but I can’t seem to decrypt it.

It’s only a small thing, but it’s annoying me. Any ideas??

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