Deleting an SCS patch?

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Re: Deleting an SCS patch?

#11 Post by Wotawally » 23 May 2014 08:03

Profiles are one thing - the main game is another, and that is what should be backed up if you are not sure if you will like any new patch.

I have used the SCS provided Profile back-ups several times: most recently a couple of days ago when I corrupted my current profile by trying to mod a mod and messing up something. It wasn't my fault of course. I don't blame the mod author either - there was nothing wrong with his mod. I blame SCS for making the game so simple to mod in the first place and encouraging mods by providing a folder for them. Remember, everything is the fault of SCS from messed up profiles to floods and famine and the fact that most people don't like Windows 8.

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Re: Deleting an SCS patch?

#12 Post by Max » 23 May 2014 08:16

personally, i do not care about insults i just ignore them. worst effect may be that i will skip rest of post if there is too many insults or are ... ahem ... too much original .. ;)

well, decision to update and improve the game further and further has its costs of course.
not all code changes can work without changes in data and not all data improvements will work without code tweak. if we, for example, add some brand new graphics effect based on skin data we may also need to fix data of already existing skins. of course that we are trying to do it in a way that does not require such fixes (we do not want to do additional and unnecessary work) but its not always possible. as we opened the game data to modding this must logically affect also mods. there is not other way.

exactly for that reason we offer and support our game "as is" - without mods. you may if you want use any mod but you have to deal with consequences. every author and user of the mod are fully responsible for what the mod does to their game.

trust me, that we are trying to make game backwards compatible as much as possible. it is unbelievably harsh work that caused some sleepless nights already and may prevent us from some really nice game improvements, but we are doing it for players. you might notice how massively improved was game stability especially if you are using broken mods or even removing them during play. there always can be unsolvable incompatibility possible but the game tries to handle it.

so, we do not see aforementioned issue as a problem or mistake. if author of the mod wants he may update, if not it would be just another broken mod (that wont hopefully crash the game). we also cannot make any reverts because there are already many people that payed for them (dlc) and there are already mods that are updated to current game version, so we might make similar problem to them after eventual revert.

i can promise you that we won't do unnecessary changes of data and data format, especially the ones that require modders to rework much of their work. but i cannot promise you that we won't do such changes at all.
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Re: Deleting an SCS patch?

#13 Post by Andhar » 23 May 2014 09:14

Max wrote: trust me, that we are trying to make game backwards compatible as much as possible. it is unbelievably harsh work that caused some sleepless nights already and may prevent us from some really nice game improvements, but we are doing it for players.
If it is the case that backward compatibility is preventing you from such "really nice improvements" I would consider a poll in the forums to ask the fans if they would be willing to accept the consequences for the new, backwards compatibility breaking, features.

I can't think of anything harder than keeping a system compatible to modifications (speaking as a software developer and a former "TES IV:Oblivion" modder myself ;) )

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Re: Deleting an SCS patch?

#14 Post by BWD » 23 May 2014 16:50

Thanks Max.
I do not think that I insulted you as too many of these ETS2 players are afraid to criticize SCS even if they may be right about their subject. They are afraid that SCS might close what they are doing.
No matter what the gamers here think of my postings I am NOT trying to insult SCS but I do believe in a little criticism one in a while.
You Max must be one hell of a man for your post kind of educated me and not as some of these people just love to run things into the ground.

Seems a couple of them also can not read what my posts say so they put their own words in.

My suggestion is that this thread be locked.
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Re: Deleting an SCS patch?

#15 Post by Theosz » 09 Jun 2014 22:26

if I understood this post, if u have Steam's ETS2 and u have a problem with a patch you can downgrade(go to previous version of the game) with the instructions in this link


just need select the desired version
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