Seasons In ETS2!?!?!??

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Seasons In ETS2!?!?!??

#1 Post by TrussersHaulage » 22 Nov 2017 08:25

I've played a couple of minutes of the 1.30 beta and one question which struck me was:

Does the sun set later and later as you progress in the game (Like from summer to winter) and hence get more rain or even snow? My reasoning for this is that whilst playing I looked at the sunset time in-game and compared it with a chart I pulled off the internet about sunset times UK...and it showed that it was in July. (not september, which is bang on in the middle of the month). Now what also is interesting is time-zones. "BST" British Summer Time, will we get a "GMT" Grenich Mean Time (which I believe is in the winter/when the clocks go foward or backwards). It'd be interesting.

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Re: Seasons In ETS2!?!?!??

#2 Post by DICEEE » 07 Dec 2017 16:10

I think that the weather is randomly generated.
And about the sunset and sunrise times, and the day and night cycle, it varies between zones. In Scandinavia the day is way longer then in vanilla map.
It s just my opinion. I don t know for sure.
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Re: Seasons In ETS2!?!?!??

#3 Post by Bocaj » 10 Dec 2017 09:16

The game is set in summer, why do ii know? Because sun i setting around 22.30-23.00 in denmark in game, sametime as it does in the height of the summer in real life.
Seasons other than summer dont exist in vanilla game, but there a mods for other seasons, look theough mod pages on this site for official mods.
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Re: Seasons In ETS2!?!?!??

#4 Post by marcf » 14 Dec 2017 08:36

there is no progression of time across the year in the game, by default ETS2 and ATS are locked in the same day of the year (I think in one of the environment files), so the sunrise and sunset is the same time every day if you're in the same location.
Default 'day' is the summer solstice

It does vary with latitude, so if you're in italy it will be closer to 7pm but in scandinavia it will be more like 10pm sunset.
Season mods can change this file but they still do not progress, always the same 'day', so winter mods should have shorter day lengths, and very short days in the north.

I have seen one mod that will regularly change the day, but it relies on scripting and EXE files on the computer, possibly based of the date on the computer.

It has been suggested to incorporate this into the game as an option to enable day progression, and integrate a group of season mods (summer, autumn, winter, spring) that will automatically change with the correct date range

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