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Music and steering wheels

Posted: 09 Sep 2020 15:16
by anak
Two questions:

1) How can I stop music at all, even the one that plays in menu pages, not when driving.

2) I installed Mario map (very good) in one of my profiles and there are no steering wheels in the trucks. Why and how can I retrieve them?


Re: Music and steering wheels

Posted: 11 Sep 2020 12:01
by m1keY
1; in the game settings ... tick/untick the box ..mute Ui sounds
2; not sure, is there trucks included in the mapmod ? ...
if truck is default or a modded one, the option for a steering wheel ispresented in truckshop, however it should be there by default

Re: Music and steering wheels

Posted: 16 Sep 2020 20:21
by anak
m1key the settings in the game don't eliminate the annoying music played when in menu, which is a lot because the game lingers to enter.
The truckshop also is not capable to install steering wheels in truck in Mario map