Truck wear and mileage

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Truck wear and mileage

#1 Post by Fael777 » 23 Sep 2020 21:25

Hello, first I wanted to apologize if my English seems a little confused! I've been playing ETS2 since its launch and have followed all the game's news since then and I've always liked realistic elements in simulation games like ETS2, I know that the game has a mileage-based wear system in which the elements like the engine , transmission and tires wear out by percentage as the truck run (obviously not mentioning damage from accidents), but I was wondering if there is a mod or if it is possible to make a mod in which the elements like engine and transmission wear out more sharply as the truck's mileage increases, for example a "0km truck takes 50,000km to reach 5% engine and transmission wear, from then on for that same truck to achieve 10% engine and transmission wear will need only 30,000km "and so on, regardless of whether the wear is repaired becomes accentuated due to the high mileage of the truck, I think it was understandable, because that way it would be enough it's real and it would be one more reason to really change trucks in the game as our truck gets old.
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Re: Truck wear and mileage

#2 Post by Max » 26 Sep 2020 08:38

currently the damage system is rather abstract and strictly linear. mods can not change it.
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