Deliveries to truck cocesionaires?

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Re: Deliveries to truck cocesionaires?

#11 Post by Some newbie driver » 08 Nov 2020 22:35

Steve Pitts wrote:
08 Nov 2020 21:09
I guess Quick Jobs would make it easier
Yes, absolutely, quick jobs are the way to complete that kind of objectives without turning mad. Back in time I had to do it that way to find the last French gas station job to complete the related Steam achievement (i was stubbornly trying to do it with my own trucks while at the same time I was discovering all the map; but at the end I think i drove the whole France like 3 times :? )
and my apologies for the layout, these forums don't have a table option that I can see but that is the best I can do with a code block.
Don't worry, I'm used to that kind of outputs; I noticed they were tab-separated values and now I see plykkegaard has told you a tip to arrange it better. ;)

Just for curiosity, where the data is extracted? A single game file or it's a combination? Because you mentioned code and I don't know if just parsing one or a merge of data too.


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Re: Deliveries to truck cocesionaires?

#12 Post by plykkegaard » 08 Nov 2020 23:12

I will assume a file search, read each file as found and consolidate extracted data
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Re: Deliveries to truck cocesionaires?

#13 Post by Steve Pitts » 10 Nov 2020 22:11

I have a tool which reads a significant number of the .sii/.sui files that make up the static game data plus anything from one to many decrypted textual saved game files and creates up to 23 different CSV files with information about either the static data or my progress in game. That particular extract was just a subset of a Libre Office spreadsheet built from one of those CSVs that I use to track how many times I've visited each yard in the game to collect and/or deliver cargo as my current 'personal achievement' goal (having finished all of the Steam ones, at least until Iberia releases) is to have visited every depot whilst either delivering to or collecting from it. Since said sheet had filters already defined and including every city and company combination in the game it was the matter of moments to filter down to the two truck dealerships and copy into a post. It took me longer to get the formatting right than it did to collect the data.

Just to give a flavour of the sort of information I extract, here is a list of the files from a single run against the first game I saved after upgrading to v1.39 (and thus v50 of the saved file format):

Code: Select all

When run against multiple saved games it can also generate cross-reference sheets of every yard to every other in terms of mileages seen in freight market or driver logs and number of journeys but those and the static city company cargo counts file I can no longer load into Libre Office for analysis as they've exceeded the 1024 column limit due to the number of yards in the official maps! Only problem with multiple saves is that I now have more than 3,200 of them and it takes about 18 hours to process them all.
Cheers, Steve

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Re: Deliveries to truck cocesionaires?

#14 Post by Some newbie driver » 10 Nov 2020 22:56

You have a pretty big setup placed to track everything. That's devotion to the detail.

I'm doing it way more manual and not involving distances (the only mileage I'm tracking is the amount of Km at each refuel stop).

And luckily yesterday I found one INI delivery (Italian gas stations). Now I just have to fix the two broken points I left on my chain of deliveries. :roll: But the possibility to take one of those jobs was too good to let it go.

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