clutch brake :z

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clutch brake :z

#1 Post by MR-DEE » 03 Nov 2020 23:31

hi everyone with the new update there was the experimental clutch brake added, how dose this work i cant seem to see anything online ive turned it on through the console but i guess i need some game setting on the gear box sorted i cant see the difference. I probably have it all set up wrong.
Thanks dale

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Re: clutch brake :z

#2 Post by Max » 16 Nov 2020 08:43

i'm not to trying to be rude or anything, but if you do not know what the clutch brake is and how it should work then it is not feature for you. seriously .. :)

in EST2 vanilla game is not a single transmission that is used with clutch brake IRL.
it was meant for ATS and especially old school drivers (but you can import truck into ETS, ofc).
to get it working you need h-shifter for manual shifting, set advanced behavior, unsynchronized gearbox and clutch brake (and beware there is at least on glitch yet).
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