Some wrong/confused translations and untranslated errors

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Some wrong/confused translations and untranslated errors

#1 Post by alienisme » 12 Jun 2017 16:03

Hello, I'm a Vietnamese, I've been playing ETS2 for a long time. Although I've never played the Vietnamese translation of the game as I am used to playing games with English interface, but many other Vietnamese are not so good at English that they must play games with Vietnamese interface/subtitles and luckily, ETS2 (as well as ATS) has some what good Vietnamese translation but I've seen some translation errors in my friends' screenshots of the game which leads me to my decision of pointing out some translation errors here:
First: "Beacon" should be translated into "Đèn hiệu" not "Thịt xông khói" (bacon)
Next: "Simple automatic" should be "Hộp số tự động đơn giản" not "Tự động hoàn toàn", "Real automatic" should be "Hộp số tự động giống thật" not "Hoàn toàn tự động"
Then: "Level" should be "Cấp độ" (best translation) or "Cấp bậc" (acceptable translation) not "Cấp bật"
Moreover: "Denmark" is "Đan Mạch", "Switzerland" iis "Thụy Điển" and "Norway" is "Phần Lan"
Then: "Honey" should be translated into "Mật ong" and "Cargo" is "Hàng hóa", "Remains" (in Trip advisor) should be "Thời gian còn lại"
And many more errors which are hard to describe or too long to be pointed out in one single post.
Would you please provide some documents for translating ETS2 as well as ATS so that we can easily translate the game into Vietnamese? Me and my friends are very happy to contribute to the Locolization effords of both ETS2 and ATS.
*I don't know is there any rules for posting new topic here as there are only rules applied to the whole forum in general but not this single box. So if there's anything wrong, please tell me and I'll very glad to correct it. :D
Thank you for your time reading this. Happy trucking. :D

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