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[GUIDE] ATS Truck/Trailer Skinning Resources/Tutorial

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[GUIDE] ATS Truck/Trailer Skinning Resources/Tutorial

#1 Post by MINSA20 » 05 Apr 2019 20:17

A lot of newer ATS fans have been wondering how to mod trucks and trailers; especially, owned trailers (I have yet to see an official guide anywhere for owned trailers), and I decided I'd make a thread showcasing tutorials on how to do just as that. This thread will include skinning resources, helpful videos, and required programs for skinning.

Owned Trailer Skinning - Important Videos/Resources:
Use The Redneck Ram's Owned Trailer Skin Templates & Example Mod which you can find here.
3-part series by author explaining usage can be found below:
For Photoshop users a .DDS export/import plugin is recommended, you can download Nvidia's Texture Tools for Photoshop from here.

Freight Market Trailer Skinning - Important Videos/Resources:
JUseeTV wrote:
30 Jan 2018 13:44
First of all it would be good to know for what trailer and if you use a software like ETS2Studio. If so then just click in there on trailers and do it step by step. But the trailer models in there are outdated so I would advise you to find a trailer for the current version.
1. You unpack this mod with WinRar or similar
2. Go into def folder under trailer and click trough the folders in there until you see the folder company_paint_jobs
3. Create in the folder where company_paint_jobs is found a folder called custom_paint_jobs
4.Copy one of the .sii files from the company folder to the custom folder and rename it
5.Open the .sii file and edit the name of the .tobj path e.g. from company.tobj to custom.tobj
6. Now you can do your skin for the trailer
6.1 If there is no template go to vehicle folder and open one of the existing .dds files and change it your
7.Save your skin under the same name as the .tobj and as the .sii file and save it in the folder under vehicle where all skins are located
8.Open with the .tobj editor from ETS2Studio one of the already existing tobjs in the folder where the skins are located and rename the .dds file name to yours
9.Save the .tobj under the same name as the texture and the sii file before
10. Repack the mod with WinRar and put it in Mod Folder
Truck Skinning - Important Videos/Resources:
Check out Frontiersman's Skinners' Resources here or here.
Check out LoaderSaint's Truck Templates for default SCS trucks here.
Check out this blog post here for all SCS truck templates (including the new Volvo VNL 2016 by SCS Software).
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Re: [GUIDE] ATS Truck/Trailer Skinning Resources/Tutorial

#2 Post by cowhand214 » 07 Apr 2019 10:02

Thank you for posting these!
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Re: [GUIDE] ATS Truck/Trailer Skinning Resources/Tutorial

#3 Post by MiamiMojitoMan » 13 Apr 2019 18:40

Did everything in the three part video and it is ALMOST perfect. Does anyone know why when I rotate the camera around the trailer it fades from the skin I created to just orange? It is like if sunlight is on it a certain angle the skin disappears and an orange trailer comes out. I have no idea what is causing this to happen. Thoughts?

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Re: [GUIDE] ATS Truck/Trailer Skinning Resources/Tutorial

#4 Post by MiamiMojitoMan » 14 Apr 2019 00:54

The fading to orange happens outside of the trailer configurator. Inside the trailer configurator is fades but then will show other parts of the trailer in the wrong spot. I loaded the example one and it worked fine. I followed the tutorial again step by step got the same fading issue. The only difference is I am using .png files instead of .dds.

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Re: [GUIDE] ATS Truck/Trailer Skinning Resources/Tutorial

#5 Post by Madkine » 14 Apr 2019 08:05

That's probably your problem then. Try using dds files.

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Re: [GUIDE] ATS Truck/Trailer Skinning Resources/Tutorial

#6 Post by MiamiMojitoMan » 14 Apr 2019 19:58

It was 100% that. I had to download a .dds converter and BOOM, perfect looking trailer. I found the Ram's discord and asked him directly and got it solved quick. Meant to come in here sooner to tell the good news. But YOU sir, are 100% spot on too!

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Re: [GUIDE] ATS Truck/Trailer Skinning Resources/Tutorial

#7 Post by mca0004 » 28 Apr 2019 02:33

The trailer skin example seems to be slightly outdated, it doesn't include templates and such for the roll up door with the lift platform, or the door with the wind deflector.

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