[REL] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84 (1.39)

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Re: [WIP] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84

#11 Post by Sportquattro84 » 31 Oct 2019 15:57

Very nice news Ralf!! Your progress looks great, I'm really looking forward to have this truck in-game, hope you get all the permissions.
And finally another "Auf Achse" truck :D

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Re: [WIP] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84

#12 Post by Truckingme » 31 Oct 2019 16:01

Nice work

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Re: [WIP] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84

#13 Post by trucker520 » 31 Oct 2019 16:32

Very nice work mate!

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Re: [WIP] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84

#14 Post by Shark76 » 31 Oct 2019 17:14

Russ469 wrote:
31 Oct 2019 13:27
Ford Transcontinental. Launched in 1975, lasted 8yrs in production. At the time of launch, it was ahead of its time. Production was stopped due to a sales slump and Fords inability to market the Truck correctly. Had a choice of 4 engines, 242hp,269hp, 304hp and 335hp at launch. These were later updated with a new cummins engine. Good truck, but pricey. More expensive than rivals which is more than likley why the sales fell and the truck was cancelled. The Ford Cargo was launched as a replacement and joint venture with Leyland to reduce costs. My grandfather had a Transcontinental and replaced it with a scania. Happy days from my childhood in the 80's
As the same time during this period into the 80's (think at the end) a good truck it was the R 360 Turboliner (1987).
We can list some best trucks of this area (and maybe 90's) most of them have already listed but you can also add them :
- Seddon Atkinson 17-40C Strato
- ERF E14 or EC 6
- Renault CBH
- Foden Alpha 3000 XL
Few examples (i've most of them Berliet/Saviem and others forgotten brands )
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Re: [WIP] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84

#15 Post by Micho014 » 31 Oct 2019 18:07

Una vera leggenda Italiana!
A real Italian legend!

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Re: [WIP] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84

#16 Post by TurboJ » 31 Oct 2019 18:17

Iveco Turbostar - there is no other classic truck that I would rather have in this game. I wish you luck and hope the permissions will get a green light!

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Re: [WIP] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84

#18 Post by ahmedallam » 31 Oct 2019 19:06


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Re: [WIP] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84

#19 Post by cattivik20 » 31 Oct 2019 19:08


The Italian King!

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Re: [WIP] Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84

#20 Post by Blue-Trans » 31 Oct 2019 20:25

This is going to be the Mod of the Year !! :o

Take the time you need to finish it right, dont let yourself get rushed.

I am looking forward to test this one :D

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