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Peterbilt 352/362 Project 1.39 (Dec 27)

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Should I put an ARI sleeper on this thing? (using it from an older 389 mod)

Yes, add an ARI sleeper!
No, keep the cabs right now.
Could go either way.
Total votes: 43

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Geoff G.
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Peterbilt 352/362 Project 1.39 (Dec 27)

#1 Post by Geoff G. » 27 Mar 2020 01:34

Now before I get into this, I'll let all users know one thing: THIS MOD WAS ORIGINALLY CREATED BY LUCASI AND FRANK_PERU
This is simply a revision (more like a complete rebuild) of this:
It wasn't updated since 1.4 (wow this was abandoned mod) but has been brought back to life because nobody else wanted too
Sure there was JDM's 352 but I never truly cared for it and there was always problems with it.

Peterbilt 352/362 for ATS 1.39

This update brought tons and tons of new changes and improvements such as new chassis, parts, skins, better materials and more.
There are way too many changes to list all right here but some notable changes were addon support for Kreichbaum's Engine Sound 3.3 and Rockeropasiempre's POWER ENGINES pack 12.9
There is also support for SISLs mega pack and Sci Steering Wheel DLC now
You will have to download those original mods separately as those files do not come with my mod directly.
I have added the logging, flatbed, tanker, and dump chassis from the 3xx Heavy Haul mod (permission was granted) however in order to use the trailers and loads, you need to download the original 3xx mod and it's heavy haul addon
/\ This is to save on file space and avoiding incompatiblities /\
Mod order image is included in main zip file

There is a wrecker body included but it's not near finished, I just couldn't get it done in time (it is stable to use but needs revisions in a later update)

Note: Try this truck with Normal Maps turned on in the settings, that sh** is wet
Also note: there are no painted tanks or painted toolbox as a hookup for the original tanks because they won't show up right in-game no matter what I do.

SPECIAL THANKS TO Noah Hollingshead and his VT drivers for beta testing this beauty. Everything was all good on there end so that means if you do have problem with missing textures/parts/crashing CONSULT YOUR MOD LIST





\/LIST OF CHANGES: look below\/

Code: Select all

Quick patch 3.139.1
- Addressed the crashes with using certain bumpers and fenders
- Added icons for cabs and chassis types
- Added new skin: Difference
- Revised def files
- Completely redid "Custom Chrome Drop" and renamed it
- ADDED new bumper: Custom Big paint (same as renamed Custom Chrome Drop but with paint)
- NEW skinning map and textures for fuel tanks
- NEW skinning map for chassis
- Revised the skin for new mapped parts (replace the original)
- Fixed Big Flag interior addon clipping through roof and being too high in interior view
- Fixed CFL skin icon
- Rear exhaust legacy sleeper lights fixed/ new flares added
- ADDED new sidelight to match legacy if using sidelights on main cab
- Templates updated to include fuel tanks, chassis, and a legend text
- Updated and added additional dealer configuration

(OLD BUT STILL APPLIES)Changes in Version 3.139.0
 - NEW TEMPLATE FOR ALL CAB TYPES (Some parts may act weird on when applying paintjobs)
 - Sounds Updated to 1.39 Fmod Standard
 - Seperate Addon for Kreichbaum and Powerful Engines
 - Changed various Def Files
 - Tons and tons of new parts (some custom built)
 - NEW Added 3 new chassis = Twinsteer, Logging, and Bare Chassis (Bare chassis has flat bed, dump bed, and tanker parts)
 - You'll need to download 3xx project and it's heavy haul addon in order to have the logging pup and loads
 - NEW Addons for the Sisl's Mega Pack Interior Stuff
 - You'll NEED to download the original pack to use the interior addons (THERE WILL BE MISSING ITEMS AND THUMBNAILS IF YOU DON'T)
 - [BETA TESTING] new wrecker body, still VERY ROUGH but stable to play with. Use at your own risk (or enjoyment)
 - Cleaned up archive slightly
 - Should be working for 1.39 until someone finds another bug or scs breaks something in an update

(OLD)Since 1.3637.0
 - Fixed all textures
 - Fixed all materials
 - Fixed all ui icons
 - Fixed wipers (interior still needs a little bit more work)
 - Fixed white chrome 
 - Fixed stock rear bumper flaps
 - Fixed exterior-interior door paint (doesn't show paint)
 - Fixed white exterior-interior 
 - Fixed Shadows
 - New textures for interior wood
 - Added bumpers (traditional and custom)
 - Added exhausts (singles and doubles)
 - Added tanks
 - Added tanks w/ toolboxes
 - Added roof lights
 - Added ac units
 - Added wings
 - Added racks
 - Added trailer cables
 - Added fenders
 - Added fenders for 8x4 chassis
 - Added sidelights
 - Added grill covers
 - Added Peterbilt logos
 - Added Retro Steering wheels
 - Added lights for sidelight nodes
 - Added cabin suspension
 - NEW Made the truck available for quick jobs
 - NEW 3 types of chassis heights: lowered, default, raised
 - NEW 2 Types of looks for chassis: painted and black
 - NEW added local sounds/engines for those who don't want to download stuff from steam
   ^^^Contains 3406B, 3406E, Detroit [6v92, Series 60], Cummins [KTA, KT, Formula, Big Cam]^^^
 - NEW CABS: Legacy and Double bunks added
 - NEW Compatibility for SCI Steering wheel DLC
 - NEW CABS: Legacy and Double bunks added 
 - Split tanks, roof lights, and horns from chassis
 - 6x2, 6x4 short, 6x4 mid, 6x4 long, 8x4 short, 8x4 long
 - Legacy and Double have middle and rear exhaust options 
 - Adjusted many nodes for optimal placement
 - Removed custom paintjobs, they cause too many problems
 - Updated 1.37 Kriechbaum sound pack compatibility for 3.1 Sound pack
4K AND 2K Resolutions with photoshop and files included
The template is extremely easy to work with and is a separate download from the main truck as seen here:
Mega: ... aHXBe2dJPs
Drive: ... sp=sharing
Looking forward to see what people create with this

This truck has been tested extensively so if there are major, jarring problems: consult your mod list and check for incompatibilities
This truck was tested on a clean profile (and modded ones) and the only things popping up are slight warnings (not errors)
When reporting what went wrong: Please specify game version and what went wrong on a modded and/or clean profile

The only minor warnings in log:
- "Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading..." (This means the truck file size is large)
- "Missing phys_model_coll" < This only applied when using the animated antenna
- "Too many indices found in texture" (there are deck plates that have high poly counts)
These ^^^ Do Not cause game slow downs In My Testing

Mega: ... qGQRuM1aJ0
Drive: ... sp=sharing

There will be updates for this truck in the future if problems are reported
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#2 Post by GT182 » 27 Mar 2020 01:50

It's nice to see A Pete COE for ATS. I've got it and will give it a try, and let you know if there's any problems or not.... other than what you listed as known. ;)
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#3 Post by jackpeterbilt » 27 Mar 2020 02:01

Finally a proper peterbilt 352

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Ernie D
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#4 Post by Ernie D » 27 Mar 2020 02:09

Is there a template for it?
Proprietor/Painter of Southland Mods

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Geoff G.
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#5 Post by Geoff G. » 27 Mar 2020 02:17

Ernie D wrote:
27 Mar 2020 02:09
Is there a template for it?
Unfortunately, not at the moment
I'm trying to make one because the original mod never has a proper one
I'm slowly trying to create one in Blender because Zmod UV unwrapping isn't as good

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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#6 Post by curtisnoble123 » 27 Mar 2020 04:43

sadly im having paint errors

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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#7 Post by poozykrem » 27 Mar 2020 05:10


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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#8 Post by Bulldog385 » 27 Mar 2020 05:39

That Single Axle has me drooling 8-) I've been wanting a S/A Pete COE for a long time now. Very Nice work to you and Lucasi & Franck Peru for originally creating it. 8-)

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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#9 Post by ArTrailfanRaf214 » 27 Mar 2020 06:50

Superb mod!The peterbilt 362 was my favourite cabover in 18 WOS Series.@Geoff G. but the engines and transmissions arent accurate,will you add real engines and transmissions?
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Re: Peterbilt 352/362 Project [Release]

#10 Post by selonik » 27 Mar 2020 06:52

Thank you very much for reanimating this mod. I have an old one, I also looked at it and thought maybe it will be updated sometime. We would also like to ask you to add regular chassis to the next update. I like this Pete better in the classic version. Thank you again for your work.

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