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#1 Post by Dylan22841 » 02 May 2020 11:13


Will the 2.79 version of blender remain usable in the future? or will we have to switch to blender 2.81 at some point?


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Re: Blender

#2 Post by JUseeTV » 13 Sep 2020 08:45

Judging by the on-going progress regarding new functions in the games and the needed updates for BlenderTools and ConversionTools, I am pretty certain that a swap to Blender 2.8 will be needed at some point.

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Re: Blender

#3 Post by SiSL » 13 Sep 2020 08:49

Blender 2.79 is working at the moment with our tools, these models will possibly be converted with convertion tools for a while without problems. However, we advise to move on to newer Blender (or start getting used to) as our tools for 2.79 will not be updated but always to latest releases which may be problem on both convertion or middle formats.

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Re: Blender

#4 Post by tobrago » 13 Sep 2020 09:41

I switched to Blender 2.90 For my mod needs, everything works properly. I tried other actions on the models and it didn't cause any problems.
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