Real European Companies Reloaded [DX11, v1.37+]

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Real European Companies Reloaded [DX11, v1.37+]

#1 Post by NiHao » 27 May 2020 23:09

This mod replaces all (over 150) original SCS companies inside base game and map DLCs. Mod is made from the ground up and thus is only DirectX 11 compatible.
It is tested in v1.37.x. No guarantee for the previous versions. It replaces texture files (.dds) hence is always error free (no 3D models).


DOWNLOAD LINK ... 2111056511

Base game + East DLC --→ supported
Scandinavia DLC --→ supported
France base + DLC --→ supported
Italia base + DLC --→ supported
Baltic DLC --→ supported
Black Sea DLC --→ supported
Schwarzmüller DLC --→ supported
Krone DLC --→ supported

1) Without repeats and hybrid gas stations there are 32 companies in base game, 22 in Scandinavia DLC, 15 in France DLC, 17 in Italia DLC, 33 in Baltic DLC, and 22 in Black Sea DLC as of v1.37.
However, there are also 14 Russian (Cyrillic) companies, too which are SCS repeats from Latin versions but l‘ll try to replace them, too.
2) Anything related to Blender is not touched and won‘t be in the feature because I don‘t work in Blender and mod can‘t be broken in the some future update.
3) Trailers‘ textures are replicated from the real life trailers if possible. Some companies use at least two different versions so I choose what I personally prefer. Many companies obviously don‘t
have real life trailers so they are my creative interpretation.
4) Only companies that have the largest revenues, market share and coverage in games‘ countries are used if company is not local. Please suggest better company for replacement if you know.

Scania and Volvo Trucks have new logos.
Volvo Trucks trailer has been updated to DX11 and is used by Volvo Cars, too.
Scania trailer has been updated to DX11 just as Volvo one.
All 3 Marina companies have fixed UI logos.
In game sign of DAF has been updated to DX11.
ADR signs have been updated to GHS hazard pictograms and DX11.
There are many updated models and prefabs. Please check Change notes and screenshots.

It should work with map mods if they don't change def files. EDIT - ProMods and RusMap are confirmed to work.
Mod priority should be irrelevant. However, if you want to see this mod‘s trailers in the game, don‘t use traffic mods which alter trucks. Even with higher priority, mod gets overridden :/.

No support.
1) Use Proton on Linux as performance is better than the native one.
2) Users of macOS are out of luck…

Please don‘t reupload mod outside Steam Workshop!

All trademarks, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

More on Steam page...







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Replaced Companies

#2 Post by NiHao » 27 May 2020 23:10


*In game signs which can‘t be properly skinned without 3D work in Blender.
**Partially properly skinned – small or big sign is good, and vice versa is screwed :-).

Logistics Companies and Shipping
*ACI SRL –--> Alitalia Cargo (Base / Italia)
Cargotras –--> BRT (Base / Italia)
FLE --→ Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (Base / France / Black Sea)
LKW –--> DB Schenker
Lisette Logistics –--> XPO Logistics (Base / France)
Polaris Lines –--> Stena Line (Base / Scandinavia / Baltic)
Posped –--> DHL Supply Chain
Stokes –--> CEVA Logistics
Tradeaux –--> Kuehne + Nagel International
Transinet –--> UPS Europe

Container Port –--> A.P. Møller – Mærsk (Scandinavia / Baltic / Black Sea)
Drekkar Trans –--> FREJA (Scandinavia)
GNT –--> DSV (Scandinavia / France / Baltic)
Norrsken –--> Frode Laursen (Scandinavia)
Renar Logistik –--> DB Schenker (Scandinavia / France / Baltic)

Eolo Lines –--> Tirrenia (France / Italia)
Gallia Ferries –--> Brittany Ferries (France)
Globeur –--> GEFCO Group (France)
Port de Conteneur –--> CMA CGM (France)
Wilnet Transports –--> Bolloré Logistics (France)

Exomar –--> FERCAM (Italia)
**TE Logistica –--> DHL Supply Chain (Italia)
Terminal Container –--> MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (Italia)
Transporti Mediterraneo –--> Kuehne + Nagel International (Italia)

AeroBaltica –--> Aeroflot Cargo (Baltic)
AeroBaltica RU –--> Аэрофлот Карго aka Aeroflot Cargo (Baltic)
Baltic Logistic Transport –--> Girteka Logistics (Baltic)
Container Port RU –--> Транспортная группа FESCO aka FESCO Transportation Group (Baltic / Black Sea)
Nordic Cargo Handling –--> DSV (Baltic)
Rosmark –--> Baltic Logistic Solutions (Baltic)
Rosmark RU –--> Транспортная группа FESCO aka FESCO Transportation Group (Baltic)
**Sininen Aurinko Logistiikka –--> Kaukokiito (Baltic)

Balkan Loco –--> DB Schenker (Black Sea)
Baltrak Lojistik –--> Omsan Lojistik (Black Sea)
Brawen Transport –--> XPO Logistics (Black Sea)
Fallow Cargo –--> DPDgroup (Black Sea)
Log n Stick –--> DHL Supply Chain (Black Sea)
Oțel Impecabil –--> Otelinox (Black Sea)
**Stomanena Roza –--> Стомана Индъстри aka Stomana Industry (Black Sea)
Trade Market Istanbul –--> Arkas Lojistik (Black Sea)
TTK –--> Kuehne + Nagel International (Black Sea)

The Food Industry and Farming
EuroAcres –--> BayWa
EuroGoodies –--> DACHSER
Tesoro Gustoso –--> Gruppo Cremonini (Base / Italia)

Agronord –--> DLG-koncernen (Scandinavia)
Aria –--> Arla Foods (Scandinavia)
Nordic Crown –--> Danish Crown (Scandinavia)
Polar Fish –--> Austevoll Seafood (Scandinavia)

Dans le Jardin –--> InVivo (France)
Nos Pâturages –--> Sodiaal (France)
Subse –--> Nestlé (France / Black Sea)

Fattoria Felice –--> Gruppo Granarolo (Italia)
**FUISpA –--> Conserve Italia (Italia)

Ateria AS –--> HKScan (Baltic)
Agrominta UAB –--> Ingleby Farms (Baltic)
Evikši ZS –--> Ingleby Farms (Baltic)
Lateds AS –--> Linas Agro Group (Baltic)
**Maatila Egres –--> Avena Nordic Grain (Baltic)
Noskonitta –--> Linas Agro Group (Baltic)
Õnnelik Talu ---> Rakvere Lihakombinaat (Baltic)
**PK Medved –--> Группа Черкизово aka Cherkizovo Group (Baltic)
Zelenye Polja –--> Агропромышленный холдинг Мираторг aka Miratorg Agribusiness Holding (Baltic)

Dobra Ferma –--> Агротайм aka Agrotime (Black Sea)
Kolico –--> Caroli Foods Group (Black Sea)
Low Field –--> Ingleby Farms (Black Sea)
Rimaf –--> Smithfield România (Black Sea)

TREE-ET –--> Stora Enso

Björk –--> Södra (Scandinavia)
Sag & Tre –--> Holmen (Scandinavia)

Boisserie Jean-Pierre –--> Monnet-Seve Sougy (France)

S.A.L. S.R.L. –--> Segheria Valle Sacra (Italia)

Baltomorsk –--> Bergs Timber (Baltic)
Baltomorsk RU –--> Норвуд СМ aka Norwood SM (Baltic)
Lintukainen –--> Metsä Fibre (Baltic)

Timber Turtle –--> HS Timber Group (Black Sea)

Chemical Companies and Oil Rafineries
Trameri –--> Evonik Industries

NS Chemicals –--> Yara International (Scandinavia / Baltic)
**NS Oil –--> Equinor (Scandinavia / Baltic / Black Sea)

BHB La Raffinerie –--> Esso France (France)
CHIMI –--> Arkema (France)
Huilant –--> Total (France)

**ACC –--> Gruppo Mapei (Italia)
CNP –--> Eni (Italia)
PP Chimica Italia –--> Eni Versalis (Italia)

Baltic Metallurgy –--> Metso (Baltic)
Baltic Metallurgy RU –--> Северсталь Российская Сталь aka Severstal Russian Steel (Baltic)
**International Baltic Petroleum –--> Neste (Baltic)
NS Chemicals RU –--> СИБУР aka SIBUR (Baltic)
**NS Oil RU –--> Роснефть aka Rosneft (Baltic)

Supermarkets and Stores
**Cesare Supermercato –--> Coop Italia (Base / Italia)
**Ika Bohag –--> IKEA (Base / Scandinavia / France / Italia / Baltic / Black Sea)
Kaarfor –--> Carrefour (Base / France / Black Sea)
SellPlan –--> METRO Cash & Carry

Norrfood –--> ICA Gruppen (Scandinavia)

**Suprema –--> Maxima Grupė (Baltic)
**Suprema RU –--> X5 Retail Group (Baltic)

Vehicle & Boat Manufactures and Retail
BCP –--> Caterpillar
BHV –--> Emil Frey Gruppe (Base / Scandinavia / France / Baltic / Black Sea)
FCP –--> Komatsu Europe International
Libellula –--> Gruppo Piaggio (Base / Italia)
Spinelli –--> Pirelli (Base / Italia / Black Sea)
Scout –--> ŠKODA AUTO
Voitureux –--> Groupe PSA (Base / France)

VPC –--> Volvo Personvagnar (Scandinavia)

Gomme du Monde –--> Groupe Michelin (France)

AA – Auto di Alonso –--> Fiat Automobiles (Italia)
Cantiere Navale –--> Ferretti Group (Italia)
Comoto –--> Iveco (Italia)
**PIAC –--> FCA Italy (Italia)

Balteus Yachts –--> Baltic Yachts (Baltic)
**Balteus Yachts RU –--> NorthSilver (Baltic)
**Finnish Tyres –--> Nokian Tyres (Baltic)
Ladoga Auto –--> AVTOVAZ (Baltic)
Ladoga Auto RU –--> АВТОВАЗ aka AVTOVAZ (Baltic)
Latvijas Vagonu Rūpnīca –--> Rīgas Vagonbūves Rūpnīca (Baltic)

Dulcis –--> Automobile Dacia (Black Sea)
Ocean Solution Group –--> МТГ Делфин aka MTG Dolphin (Black Sea)
Rump –--> Ford România (Black Sea)
Sporklift –--> Балканкар Рекорд aka Balkancar Record (Black Sea)
The Train Foundry –--> Softronic (Black Sea)

Bâtisse –--> VINCI (Base / France)
ITCC –--> Liebherr
Sanbuilders –--> HOCHTIEF

Konstnorr –--> Skanska (Scandinavia)
**Vitas Power –--> Vestas Wind Systems (Scandinavia / Italia)

Nucléon –--> Électricité de France (France / Black Sea)

Construzione di Edifici –--> Webuild (formerly Salini Impregilo) (Italia)

Cemeltex –--> STRABAG (Baltic / Black Sea)
Cemeltex RU –--> Группа компаний ПИК aka PIK Group (Baltic / Black Sea)
**Domdepo –--> Leroy Merlin (Baltic / Black Sea)
**Domdepo RU –--> Леруа Мерлен aka Leroy Merlin (Baltic / Black Sea)
Estonian Paper AS –--> Estonian Cell (Baltic)
Radus –--> Rudus (Baltic / Black Sea)
Radus RU –--> ЛафаржХолсим aka LafargeHolcim (Baltic / Black Sea)
Renat –--> JYSK (Baltic / Black Sea)
Severoatom –--> Росэнергоатом aka Rosenergoatom (Baltic)
UKKO Voima –--> Fortum (Baltic)
Viljo paperitehdas Oy –--> UPM-Kymmene (Baltic)
**Vilniaus Popieriaus Fabrikas –--> Grigeo (Baltic)

CGLA –--> Saint-Gobain Glass România (Black Sea)
SCS Paper –-->Sofidel România (Black Sea)

Stein Bruch –--> HeidelbergCement Group

MS Stein –--> Norsk Stein (Scandinavia)
Nordic Stenbrott –--> SMA Mineral Holding (Scandinavia)

MVM Carrière –--> Carrières Plo (France)

MarmoSpA –--> Marmi Carrara (Italia)
QuadrelliSpA –--> Lasa Marmo (Italia)

Vanha Kivi ---> Nordkalk (Baltic)
Vanha Kivi RU –--> ХайдельбергЦемент Руc aka HeidelbergCement RUS (Baltic)

Rock Eater Quarry –--> MARMOSIM (Black Sea)
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Re: Real European Companies Reloaded

#3 Post by stasevi40 » 28 May 2020 08:22

Tell me NiHao, are there any plans for a similar mod for ATS in the future?

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Re: Real European Companies Reloaded

#4 Post by Tr4il » 28 May 2020 13:38

This is absolutely fantastic stuff!

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Re: Real European Companies Reloaded

#5 Post by Tapir » 28 May 2020 20:51

Thank you, really nice this mod. ;)
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Re: Real European Companies Reloaded

#6 Post by Darkcaptain » 28 May 2020 21:49

Amazing! I hope it continues to progress and expand! Thanks a lot

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Re: Real European Companies Reloaded - update

#7 Post by NiHao » 28 May 2020 22:55

One Steam user confirmed that mod works very well will ProMods if anybody is interested...


I don't have ATS, never like it, and that would be it...

@Tr4il @Tapir

Thank you.


I see you commented on Steam page, too. I'm big fan of your Realistic Rain mod :). Mod will be finished by 1st July as promised.

Fixed one UI logo and added several more for Baltic.
Updated mod description.
Fully replaced 2 more companies:
Container Port RU --–> Транспортная группа FESCO aka FESCO Transportation Group (Baltic / Black Sea)
Rosmark RU --–> Транспортная группа FESCO aka FESCO Transportation Group (Baltic)

More screenshots:




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Re: Real European Companies Reloaded [DX11, v1.37+]

#9 Post by Aji Damarjati » 29 May 2020 05:26

Would be nice if you also change the fictional fuel station to the real life fuel station company. Cheers. 😁

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Re: Real European Companies Reloaded [DX11, v1.37+]

#10 Post by hypervoodoo77 » 29 May 2020 09:10

definitly giving this a try

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