[REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#431 Post by themacs » 20 Jun 2020 15:53

Watermark wrote:
20 Jun 2020 13:38
@Schumi You should change SAAB to something else, Saab is no longer a thing for at least the past 10 years... And besides, it always was quite a obscure little brand anyway.
Saab is just little company, creating supersonic fighter jets ... just not important small company ...

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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#432 Post by rookie_one » 20 Jun 2020 17:31

To be fair as a car brand SAAB hasnt been doing anything

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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#433 Post by Blackspots » 21 Jun 2020 01:43

That's because as a car company, SAAB filed bankruptcy around 2008 and shut down.
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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#434 Post by Schumi » 21 Jun 2020 05:38

@Watermark Ford and Skoda have. Volkswagen and Renault do not fit. Need a Swedish company.
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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#435 Post by Watermark » 21 Jun 2020 06:56

@Schumi There is a "little" swedish company called Volvo... ;)

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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#436 Post by jilech » 21 Jun 2020 10:28

It probably shouldn't be a specific car brand name company, since BHV is a dealership/depot transporting different car brands, vans, scooters, motorcycles, maybe easiest solution is to make it a rental company, Hertz, AVIS, Budget, Eurocar etc.

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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#437 Post by JMpower85 » 21 Jun 2020 13:27

+1 jilech

Rental company is the best solution


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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#438 Post by AndrejS251 » 21 Jun 2020 17:40

Hello is there a way i can replace the gas stations with another mod but keep the companies of your mod because they are really nice

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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#439 Post by ecstaticbrick » 21 Jun 2020 23:42

OK, I'll bite. What gas station mod is better than Shumi's?

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Re: [REL] Real Company Logo v1.0 [Schumi] [1.37]

#440 Post by Wulf » 22 Jun 2020 02:05

Uh so, I have none of the DLC because I'm not really bothered to buy them so this mod is uncompatible, I was using the earliest no DLC requiered version from what I remember, what can I do?

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