ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#431 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 25 Jul 2020 20:59

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#432 Post by supersobes » 25 Jul 2020 21:02

Several posts were split from this thread. Please refrain from insults and personal attacks against other users. If you disagree with something that is written, you should write your disagreement about what was written, not about the user who wrote it. Addionally, please keep the topic of this thread about specululation for Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.39.

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#433 Post by astrovox » 25 Jul 2020 21:56

who still plays ets 2 ? a game who has 2013 graphics? we are on 2020 people

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#434 Post by gandalf7472000 » 25 Jul 2020 22:14

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#435 Post by sga0617 » 25 Jul 2020 23:20

CapitolLimited wrote:
25 Jul 2020 20:43
I think that if SCS decides to do a major overhaul with the graphics engine or use Unity, Unreal Engine, or another existing platform, it would be in the form of a separate product like what Dovetail is doing. Dovetail is managing fine with two products, so no reason why SCS cannot do the same. Might not be what people want to hear, but I think that's the best path moving forward.
Yes, that's what they should do, and make you buy all of your DLC each time they release a "new" game, like most of the developers do, while they will drop any support to the older versions of the game. To be completely honest, map rebuild and any new truck that have been added to the game since 2013 were great gifts from SCS, as all of them were free, even for the people who never bought a sole DLC since then. And if you ask me, this is the only game from my library that have been actively updated for more than 7 years without stop.

That's what make me very sick about this whole discussion, as some are very rude about their "requirements" to SCS to "improve" the game, even going to the point of insult the developers, because they decided to add FOR FREE a new characteristic to the game different from what they want. And don't think I don't have any criticism to SCS, but usually, if you come to say, "hey, you messed up with this feature" or "Hey, I've this suggestion and I think this is the way you can add it to the game" and they use to repair or add the thing within few updates.

I want to give an example of the other way to manage a game with Dovetail (Rail Simulator) with the Train Simulator brand: They release a "new game" each year, and I say "new" because it's only the same game from the previous year with the known bugs corrected and some new features added. And you know what?, each year you are supposed to pay full price for the same game you had bought the year before, and also, repay for some of the "updated" DLC's, and maybe losing compatibility with the rest of the DLC's that are not updated to the new version and, the DLC's that are still compatible, but that are not updated, will lack any new feature incorporated to the game, like rain effects or light effects when I went from TS2010 to TS2013. And of course, they keep selling their non-updated DLC's at full price. And I missed another thing, there is no free addition of rolling stock (Aka Trains) for the game, if you want a new locomotive, you need to pay for it, even if it's just a skin for a locomotive you already own.

Let's say another game, Prepar3D. When the sim has a major update, the developers of aircraft for the sim will require you to buy a new version compatible with the current version of the sim, rather than update the aircraft you already own to the new system.

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#436 Post by Frayner » 25 Jul 2020 23:35

@CapitolLimited Dovetail May have two games yes, but they sub contract other companies to build locos and routes for their games, where as SCS does everything in house.
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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#437 Post by FormelLMS » 26 Jul 2020 06:38

I don’t see the problem.
Firing up ETS2 in VR and it’s the best looking Sim there. So no problems that it is 7 years old for me.
I see many updates and they are doing well.
So I didn’t think, we can say it’s that old because it is revisited many times. There are many comparisons on YouTube.
And please leave me alone with unity or UE4 engine based games. They all look awful and none of them are on my system installed.
Even Assetto Corsa Competizione, in my opinion the best looking UE4 engine based sim, looks a bit toyish.
Beside that, ETS looks much better.

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#438 Post by bent » 26 Jul 2020 06:51

I have so much hope that they will surprise us with ingame Msaa in v1.39, Maybe they are working on it.
I think i heard that Dx11 Msaa injected from NPI only works if the game supports it, right? and it does work.

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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#439 Post by plykkegaard » 26 Jul 2020 07:37

astrovox wrote:
25 Jul 2020 21:56
who still plays ets 2 ? a game who has 2013 graphics? we are on 2020 people
If the game evolves just half as fast the next 10 years as it has the last 10 years I am all in - and SCS is picking up speed atm
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Re: ETS2 1.39 Speculation Thread

#440 Post by TheTiger » 26 Jul 2020 09:28

It has a 2013 graphics maybe... but is still playable. The only thing missing is a proper AA.


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