Hired drivers taking a LONG time to make deliveries

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Hired drivers taking a LONG time to make deliveries

#1 Post by DirtyACE7 » 12 Sep 2020 19:21

Hi all,

I've been playing ATS since like June 2019 and have never encountered this issue until now. I have three drivers that I've hired and yesterday I've noticed that they are taking way too long to make their deliveries. For example, going from Everett, WA to Hobbs, NM. I checked on the map how long it would take me an it comes out to something like 36 hours which is normal. Then I've checked my drivers, and two of them were heading to Hobbs as well but not from Everett but from Bend as that's where they are based. Bend is closer to Hobbs than Everett and both were already at least a third of the way there, however, when I look at how many hours they have left, it says 115 hours for one and 85 hours for the other driver! What is going on? How can it take me less than 40 hours to travel a greater distance and it takes them almost three times as long? Is this a bug?

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