Research: Securing cargo on open trailers

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Re: Research: Securing cargo on open trailers

#11 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 30 Oct 2020 21:06

first of, rubber strips underneath the load, this already makes it secure to not slip front/back more then with only elastic tension belts alone, then x pattern so it doesnt slip left/right, at the front and the back of the tank, for the last you secure the load so it cant slip forward to the truck if you do an emergency brake, securing it to the back isnt necessary if you have secured it in this 3 ways, more or less

basically like that

Image Image

and if it is a light load you use elastic tension belts, if it is a heavy load that definitely can overpower the force an elastic tension belt can endure you use chains, also, rubber mats under the load reduce the requirements on the elastic tension belts and are also approved load securing accessories (i bet also allowed i nthe US), or any form of loading that hinders slipping, like putting pallets, that are secured ofc, in the front between tank and gooseneck so that there is no gap to slip into, in Germany we would say form fitting load securing* (Formschlüssige Ladungssicherung), loading cargo so it cant slip by putting it right in front of the boarding wall for example, the other loading method would be frictional load securing* (Kraftschlüssige Ladungssicherung), preventing with rubber mats, elastic tension belts or chains that the load can slip off

* dont know if those are the right english words for the German equivalent of them, so if somebody can correct me here you are welcome to do so

i know it isnt always easy to find a proper way, i had to really think about it when i made a new cargo model

Image Image Image

but securing the load right is everything and shouldnt be an afterthought
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Re: Research: Securing cargo on open trailers

#12 Post by abasstreppas » 30 Oct 2020 21:35

I don't know what the weight of that thing in op's pic is, but my guess it cant be much as long it's not full of mercury. So I really doesn't see any big issues with that support. It's quite light so chains are not needed as like supersobes said, it's all about increasing the friction. The only concern I have is that there are a slight risk of tipping as there are not much angled support like this: /O\

In this case when the cargo has the same width as the trailer it's probably good to add crossed straps at both ends to secure against tipping over.

About that walking board. What I can see those supports seems to be quite steady and probably enough to use as anchor. It's surprisingly though that there is no real anchor rings added, which probably are normal in real world.

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