Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator v.4

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Re: Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator

#31 Post by Pumizo » 14 Jan 2021 07:41

RichardH wrote:
06 Nov 2020 21:25
This video is sponsored by Dorsey trailers... oh wait, wrong media. :D

But awesome Selonik, thank you!
Haaaa, more Super Trucker Dan fans around here... great to know that! :mrgreen:

BTW great mod!

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Re: Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator v.4

#32 Post by RichardH » 14 Jan 2021 21:04

Thanks for the update!

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Re: Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator v.4

#33 Post by room217au » 15 Jan 2021 04:22

There's an issue with the tail-lights on the rear bumper. When selected in the upgrade shop, the lights appear behind the bumper, not attached to it.
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Re: Dorsey 48ft Refrigerator v.4

#34 Post by selonik » 24 Jan 2021 12:47

I was a little busy. Okay I'll check it out

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