gt29 steering wheel, auto gear select and reverse

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gt29 steering wheel, auto gear select and reverse

#1 Post by simon1138 » 06 Jan 2022 20:37

I have just installed this game hoping I could play the challenges with my GT29 wheel and pedal set. I managed to get the wheel working kind of, not the full 900 degrees, only 180 (quarter left, quarter right). The gear controller doesn't work either. On Eurotruck 2 I can select drive and reverse, on this game it does nothing and I do not know how to select it. I chose automatic in the gear selector option. Reverse is either S or down arrow, which is rubbish. I would like to be able to use the gear selector, up for drive and down for reverse like Eurotruck 2. I want to play trucks and trailers because of the challenges, I prefer that to driving around maps.
How can I get the wheel to turn like the wheel in the game?
How can I get to control the drive and reverse gears using the gear box?
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