Hunting Unlimited 2010 debug camera.

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Hunting Unlimited 2010 debug camera.

#1 Post by EibeAxxt » 19 Jun 2022 12:27

I hope everyone is good today. I won't make a long post, i'll make it short. Basically, both ATS and ETS2 have a debug camera, and one of the commands they have in their console is "g_flyspeed", which determines the speed of the debug camera. HU2010 also has this command, however; a mod was made for those games so you can use the debug camera. If they can make a debug camera, how hard would it be to make it for Hunting Unlimited 2010?
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Re: Hunting Unlimited 2010 debug camera.

#2 Post by NmanMETA » 21 Jun 2022 05:42

It would depend on how the game picks what to display- rather ironically I was just messing around with g_flyspeed, no avail. I'm still hung up on this model exporting thing, I don't want to buy Zmodeler 3 just for it to not work correctly, and I don't know how to use python, not for anything like importing HU10 models to blender or such. I just don't get why it can't even load PMD images for new animals- if I edit existing ones, they work fine, but it doesn't load them for new animal slots. I'm not sure if this case remains the same for models but I'm fairly certain it does, as Zmodeler 2 only succeeds in messing up the texturing paths (because it's made for ETS2 and not HU10).

But back to the point, I think looking at just how those two mods were made may just help with this. Honestly, I might look into those games just to see for myself if some of their modders' magic can rub off on me- weirder has happened.
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