Some explanation??

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Some explanation??

#1 Post by Textron » 12 Jul 2022 20:12

Heya yall! Ive been playing hunting unlimited for a while now (since 2007) and I have only recently found out about this forum.
Whats up with these posts about "custom animals"? I didnt even know that was possible!
Anyway, i just need a explanation about this.

See ya.
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Re: Some explanation??

#2 Post by NmanMETA » 12 Jul 2022 20:41

It's a mod that I've made quite a side project out of trying to get right- with a lot of help, I've gotten kind of close. Still doing something wrong but I have some pretty dang big ideas for the coming years, when I get something that works, I'll detail my full, entire process, and hopefully it can be taken further.

I caved in and bought Zmodeler 3, which can open the model files for the maps, animals, everything in the game, meaning things like custom models, maps and probably even animations are a possibility, this can all be done, there's more to "explain" than I can really fit here but we've spent the last 9 months or so just bouncing our trials and such off of each other; this forum is gigantic compared to what it was when I first swung by back in October and November of this year. There's a community for this game, and by bringing it out, my goal is to get this series a real modding scene again. My personal goal is to create something that outdoes what the HU Powerpack mods did years ago, those were terrific and I think even more is possible than what HU Corner did, so I set out on trying.

With limited success, at this point I think I'm snake-bitten but I'm going to get it one of these days/weeks/months. Probably.

But for sure, it can 100% be done, I just need to iron out the kinks in the process and make a more full/complete guide on it. But have yourself a look around, if you need help with anything, ask here, you'll get a response from me, I try to stay as active here as possible!
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