Cruising Texas Event

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Cruising Texas Event

#1 Post by TheCanuck » 24 Nov 2022 14:12

Hey everybody, just wondering, do we get our hanging steer head reward for the group goal as soon as we achieve the 125,000,000 miles or do we need to wait until the event ends mid Jan 23. And will SCS be posting our progress towards the main goal periodically though out the event, so we know if we are close, or if we need to push harder.

Thanks, Glenn
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Re: Cruising Texas Event

#2 Post by -MLP- » 24 Nov 2022 15:16

As soon as we hit the 125million mark. But you need to redeem it first like the paint job.

The progress is shown here.

But you only recieve it if you did yopur 15 jobs correctly.
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