How the rain work in the game?

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How the rain work in the game?

#1 Post by Ticreut29 » 07 Jan 2023 13:42

Hi, I'm asking how the rain work in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Sometimes I see the rain duration was very long (6 hours last in game time) or some time very short (1 hours in game-time).
How the rain probability sliders affect rain in the game and is the rain duration is random?

Another question which is the best rain probability setting?
I set: g_bad_weather_factor 0,25 which is 25% from the console.
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Brian Benton
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Re: How the rain work in the game?

#2 Post by Brian Benton » 01 Feb 2023 05:37

Since the appearance of the "probability of precipitation" parameter, I have not understood how it works. I could be wrong, but the chance of rain is related to the duration of the rain. The lower the probability, the shorter the duration. And vice versa. I always set the rain chance slider to a little more than 0, as it rains too much by default in this game. Plus, those white radioactive rain streaks make you vomit, and the transition from cloudy to clear weather is very unpleasant and abrupt in terms of graphics. Plus, it saves FPS.
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