SCS General Discussion Thread

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#24871 Post by VirtualTruckTravels » 02 Feb 2023 21:32

oh boy more sounds from SCS, okay whatever they will most likely sound like my vacuum cleaner on power mode.

annyyyywayyy... still waiting for the illusive MAN TGX 2020 (approaching 3 years since world launch). :roll:

but great to see ATS received yet another new truck... whatever :roll:
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#24872 Post by dkasper00 » 02 Feb 2023 23:26

What part of what gets released when it's ready don't people understand? :roll:

It was stated on the holiday stream that the 2020 TGX got delayed due a technical issue and they were using this as an opportunity to go above and beyond with it. These tweaks may actually require something bigger than an update to 1.46. Besides it showed that the 5700XE was pretty much ready to go on that stream.
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#24873 Post by Graf_Boinenn » 03 Feb 2023 14:07

People is funny sometimes.

When SCS provides a date and they need to re-schedule because some issue: BAD SCS.
When SCS doesn't promise a date and explain what happened and that they took the chance to add more stuff: BAD SCS.
No news from the truck: BAD SCS.

They took the chance of this technical issue to go further and add more stuff. The good thing is, since the DAF XG, the trucks can be released as DLC's in ETS2 so it can be released independet from the game version.

We are in the second month of the year and the TGX status was said in DECEMBER.
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#24874 Post by Marcello Julio » 03 Feb 2023 14:14

If SCS says they are working on new features and new engine version: BAD SCS
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#24875 Post by flight50 » 03 Feb 2023 14:21

Bottom line, the community isn't mature enough to handle certain information as a group. If this comment offends you, then you're in that group that doesn't handle the way SCS does things well.

At this point, it is what it is. Either deal with SCS or not. SCS handles things their way. We are on their clock, they are not on ours......period. if they change, cool. If they don't, cool. Just be there to support when content does release.
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#24877 Post by Aziz » 03 Feb 2023 16:14

Oooh, first sight of 1.47
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#24878 Post by SashaLuganskiy » 03 Feb 2023 17:35

There is still more upcoming news about the 1.47 update MegaHypeTrain wow :lol:
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#24879 Post by Trucker Nik » 03 Feb 2023 18:03

Is the second picture from below (from ETS2) a Feldbinder gas tank?
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#24880 Post by xXCARL1992Xx » 03 Feb 2023 18:10

Feldbinder doesnt build gas tanks for trucks
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