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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25021 Post by Trucker Nik » 07 Feb 2023 18:41

The last event I participated in was Genoa Bridge, I liked it a lot because we got this bridge, and every time I go through it I remember that I helped in its construction, scs should do more events where they add new roads to the map, and they don't have to do it in an update, but as a reward for completing the event goal, it would be better than stupid cabin stuff and paint, we have enough paint in DLC that's enough
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25022 Post by Trakaplex » 07 Feb 2023 18:44

SCS doesn't always have to jump bandwagons. It's like why?

The whole Valentines thing.
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25023 Post by Optional Features » 07 Feb 2023 18:46

alluke wrote: 07 Feb 2023 18:39 I'd like to see events with time limit for expiring cargoes such as cement (mixer trailer) and hot asphalt. Deliver x tons in y hours. Take too long and the cargo is ruined and/or the destination site stops. And time limit so strict that if you screw up one load you need to break speed limits to catch up.
I don't know if an event should encourage law breaking, but expiring cargo would be nice. The game needs mechanics to support it, though.

There is no perishable cargo in the game currently, and to properly deliver asphalt or concrete requires animations. We don't have support for those either (example: driveable ai is using wipers to animate his mixer drum).
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25024 Post by SuchManor » 07 Feb 2023 19:53

flight50 wrote: 07 Feb 2023 17:25 To this day, the most fun event I've ever played was Big Sur. If events can be dynamic, that would be the ultimate upgrade to WoT events. Cargo diminishing, depots showing completed work....interaction with the cargo and/or depot would be great. I don't play what I don't like or have interest in though. I won't bad mouth the efforts.
The last event I played was Big Sur. Playing on truckers MP with 100s of other players crowded in one area was quite the experience. Ever since then, every event has been the same. They don’t add any new experiences or anything worth playing them for.
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25025 Post by marcel-dutch » 07 Feb 2023 20:19

Ehhhh. How I supposed to the Valentine presents cargo without any Valentine presents cargo? :?:
There are none external jobs for the event. :cry:
I don't get it. :?:
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25026 Post by alluke » 07 Feb 2023 21:20

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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25027 Post by marcel-dutch » 07 Feb 2023 21:26

marcel-dutch wrote: 07 Feb 2023 20:19 Ehhhh. How I supposed to the Valentine presents cargo without any Valentine presents cargo? :?:
There are none external jobs for the event. :cry:
I don't get it. :?:
Problem solved. :D

At first i had startup TMP. So I didn't getting the Valentine presents cargo.
So i start ETS2 in the single mode. And at that moment ETS2 was updating.
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25028 Post by Shiva » 08 Feb 2023 00:32

55sixxx wrote: 07 Feb 2023 12:24 Wow, 14 loads for such a stupid event... they surely must think all the time we have is for the game.
No one is forcing you to do this.
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25029 Post by Sora » 08 Feb 2023 07:59

Marcello Julio wrote: 07 Feb 2023 16:30 Sometimes I don't understand what the community really wants :roll: Years ago people complained here and in other places about the lack of World of Trucks events and that they were very few, because at most we had 2 or 3 events per year in addition to the Christmas event and Pavel always said that they wanted to have a bigger World of Trucks team so that the events were more frequent. Finally last year we started to see that with the Halloween event and a few others and this year with the Valentine’s Day event and we can probably have other events on other holidays this year.
There are a number of reasons for this.

A simple one is that people move on. A few years ago, I'd play this game every night. Then I got married, found myself busy with other things, got a job similar in nature to this game, and now I might play it once a week. The game still has a special place in my heart, to be sure, but "years ago" I did have time for these events and now I don't. And while that's certainly a personal issue to some extent, these games aren't getting any newer, and ETS2 especially hasn't exactly been piling on content to keep people invested. And while I'm fine with making the extra effort for Christmas, Cruising, and the odd incidental event, asking me to do 14 jobs in two weeks every couple of months is a bigger ask for me than it might sound to some others here who live and breathe this game and presumably have no other commitments.

But perhaps that's just me. A more concrete concern that probably applies to more people is that most of these events are pretty similar in nature. Hosting them more frequently with a different skin only makes this more obvious, and in turn, has led to these events feeling more and more repetitive. Like, are the requirements for this event even different from the Halloween event at all? And they're both basically just the Christmas event without the fun city data that, although ultimately still not meaningful, at least makes the event feel like something slightly more. I'm not saying you need to do something crazy, but surely there's at least room for a little variance? Like maybe Valentine's focuses on doing fewer longer jobs like a good relationship, while Easter focuses on doing perfect jobs without damaging your cargo that's as fragile as an egg, and Halloween has a higher job requirement but your first deliver to each state/country counts double (as if you're going door-to-door)? Just throwing out random ideas.

Or if you're going to do the same thing, refine them. As I mentioned earlier, the strict "do a bit over a dozen jobs" requirement bothers me because it discourages me from taking the sort of jobs I'd otherwise like to take (more medium-length ones) because I simply do not have time to do 14 long jobs on short notice unless I burn my only free day on it, but making it total mileage based would let me do that without having to either skip the event or grind out short jobs. And then you have the people who want to use their own trailers, who ask for the ability to do so virtually every time one of these events get run, and I think they've been allowed like... maybe once? Give or take one. Surely sorting that out would at least make these events more palatable for people who do have time for them, wouldn't it?

And then we actually do the events and the rewards are usually kinda whatever. These seasonal ones in particular are kinda obnoxious because they tend to have seasonal-themed rewards, which mean they're probably already out of season by the time you get them, hooray! And even if they're not I dunno how many people are really going to be adding some random holiday trinket to their truck for like 2 days. I guess it's theoretically useful for someone who really likes the aesthetic of a particular holiday, but I don't really know how many people that's going to end up being outside of Halloween and maybe Christmas. As someone else brought up earlier, most of the workshop items end up being kinda worthless because they're so situational nobody has any real use for them. The handful that don't go for pennies tend to be the ones that are either rare or generically useful beyond the context of a specific season. For ATS, the Cruising rewards tend to be decently liked (probably because they're effectively the game's Country Paint Job DLC on a smaller scale, maybe instead of Valentines you should do Cruising Washington or something lol), and some of the home screens are worth something which makes me wonder why we don't get those anymore. I don't want to comb ETS2 too thoroughly but I am acutely aware that that game has the random pennants where nobody pulled the ones they wanted and then they stopped putting them out before anyone did, even just dropping one or two of those would probably be more exciting than half of the new rewards haha.

I guess there's the World of Trucks Achievement which might eventually be exciting in 2069 when World of Trucks goes into Beta, becomes more than a trinket vending machine, and actually offers functionality half as interesting as what was discussed for it half a decade ago? But for now it's just another random icon for a platform without a clear end goal that will be pushed offscreen by the time anyone accidentally stumbles onto your profile after misclicking an image. Ironically this is still the most exciting reward half the time.

It's easy to go "oh well don't do it if you don't like it", and sure, I acknowledge that that is the smart play. By all means, I should just... not do it. But I don't really feel like that's the right answer here, because ultimately I want to enjoy these events, as I'm sure many other people complaining here also do. And they're not going to get any better if they're just spamming the same thing every two months with a new poem and the new garage sale leftovers.

-I don't have time to do 14 long jobs, I don't enjoy doing 14 short ones
-I'm tired of doing basically the same event every two months without any meaningful changes
-I'm frustrated by the fact that, even upon iterating the same event, they do little to improve it and never seem to learn from the last one's criticisms
-I particularly do not like seasonal events because they tend to have the most situational and impractical rewards, as is inevitably the case with seasonal-themed items (I can tolerate Christmas because it's big, classic, and at least has cool data; also some of its stuff is more generically winter-themed)
-I do like the Cruising Events (more so than most other WoT events), which serve clear purposes and tend to have more interesting rewards
-I see "just skip it then lol" as a bandage fix that ignores the actual problem.

And yes, I am aware that I could probably have done one-seventh of the event in the time it took me to type this. But getting this off my chest felt better.
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Re: SCS General Discussion Thread

#25030 Post by Seerman » 08 Feb 2023 08:16

Dude, you need to make the only right decision in life: do not go through this event. No one is pushing you there with sticks.
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