Ohio Pre Research

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Ohio Pre Research

#1 Post by KeganMinecraft » 12 Oct 2022 08:35

After Kraake posted various threads for current planned future DLC research tips, I decided to make my own, but for a bit further off DLC I hope to one day see as none have been made in years: OHIO. I figured that at worst, this thread won't help SCS (due to lack of planning for this DLC, or maybe it never makes it out for some reason, etc), but at best, it can help their research efforts not only for this particular state, but also for other states (Iowa is similar in many ways to many other states).

I might as well copy over this list of other states which SCS has made research threads for:


Other Unofficial Research Threads

Keep in mind this thread is not part of that list, nor is it part of their official research, just something I wanted to share due to my hopes of seeing this DLC eventually be made.

This State can be divided into 5 Main Regions

  • Huron-Erie Lake Plains
  • Till Plains
  • Interior Low Plateaus Bluegrass Section
  • Allegheny Plateaus
  • Glaciated Allegheny Plateaus

[ external image ]

Ohio has a lot of companies so lets go through them all

  • Companies Based in Ohio
      • Big Lots (Supermarket)
      • American Greetings (Cards/Poetry)
      • Bath and Body Works (Retail/Beauty)
      • Macys (Retail/Department)
      • Goodyear (Auto/Tires)
      • Hobart(Commercial/Kichen)
      • Huffy(Outdoors/Bikes)
      • Hobart(Commercial/Kichen)
      • Jo-Ann(Retail/Arts and Crafts)
      • Kroger(Supermarket)
      • Micro Center(Electronics)(Likely Already in Game as Plugged)
      • Nestlé(Food)
      • Sherwin-Williams(Paint)
      • Speedway(Convience/Gas Station)
      • The J.M. Smucker Company(Canned Fruits / Vegetables / Preserves)
      • TravelCenters of America (Already got Petro as Fusion and TA as Aron)
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Ohio Research

#2 Post by paytonsnewheart » 14 Nov 2023 00:52

Elevate Your Ohio Trucking Adventure in American Truck Simulator!

Hey fellow trucking aficionados! Planning to hit the virtual roads of Ohio in American Truck Simulator by SCS Software? Let's dive into some research tips to rev up your experience!

1. Master the Road Network: Ohio's highways and byways await exploration! Research the state's road network to optimize your routes. Identify key interchanges, bypasses, and scenic drives for a truly immersive journey.

2. Geographic Diversity: Ohio boasts diverse landscapes. Get to know the lay of the land, from the rolling hills to the flat plains. Understanding the geography helps you navigate efficiently and appreciate the realism the game offers.

3. City Insights: Cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland are bustling hubs in the game. Delve into details about their layouts, traffic patterns, and iconic landmarks. This knowledge enhances your navigation skills and adds a touch of authenticity to your deliveries.

4. Cargo Considerations: Ohio's industries play a significant role in cargo diversity. Research the types of freight commonly transported in the state. Whether it's manufacturing, agriculture, or technology, tailoring your cargo choices enhances the simulation experience.

5. Road Regulations: Safety first, truckers! Brush up on Ohio's traffic regulations. Know the speed limits, parking regulations, and any unique rules that might affect your virtual trucking journey.

6. Weather Challenges: Ohio experiences various weather conditions. Prepare for rain, snow, and sunshine by researching seasonal weather patterns. Adjust your driving style accordingly to tackle any challenges that Mother Nature throws your way.

7. Alternative Routes: Spice up your trips by exploring alternative routes. Research detours that showcase hidden gems or challenging terrains. The road less traveled might lead to unexpected adventures!

8. Truck Upgrades: SCS Software offers a range of trucks and customization options. Research the best truck upgrades and accessories suitable for Ohio's diverse terrains. A well-equipped truck ensures a smoother journey.

Ready to conquer the Buckeye State? Share your Ohio research tips and let's create a virtual trucking community geared up for an epic adventure!
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Re: Ohio Pre Research

#3 Post by Tails » 14 Nov 2023 21:49

Ohio got some car assembly plants.

-Ford assembly plant in Avon Lake ,Ohio

- Chrysler assembly plant in Toledo ,Ohio

- Honda assembly plant in Marysville ,Ohio

- Honda assembly plant in East Liberty ,Ohio

As for some truck factories in Ohio since that state has 2 truck brands

- Kenworth trucks factory is in Chillicothe ,Ohio

- International trucks factory is in Springfield ,Ohio
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Re: Ohio Pre Research

#4 Post by devrygrad09 » 23 Nov 2023 02:30

Most of the Major Distrubution Centers for the companies you mentioned are here in Columbus.
Big Lots has One of there Distribution Centers here in Columbus
- They also Have a Distribution center in California, and One in Durant OK, and two more in states that we won't get for a few more years
Kroger has one just north of town
Dollar Tree as well
Micro Center is on the East Side with their DC
DHL has a HUGE hub on the SW side of the City
Victoria Secret/The Limited also has a DC here as well, along with thier corporate HQ

Also lets not Forget Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton!
We can't forget the Longaberger basket building made famous out east in Newark, which still is a staple to drive by!

I will probably have more to add as the months go on, as I live here LOL
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